Aluminium Windows

Firm and durable

Products made of aluminium profiles are characterized by an exceptional resistance to external factors, stability and durability. This is especially relevant in industrial construction as well as for exterior doors.

A variety of overall dimensions and shapes, allowing implementing even the most daring ideas of architects, fire and intrusion prevention are main advantages of aluminium products.

We use powder paints for the decor of aluminium products, so the range of colours, gloss level or the choice of texture is very wide as you can choose from the imitation of bronze to wood texture. These products are resistant to chemicals, changes in the atmosphere, and they are easy to maintain.

No less important is that the modern aluminium products are environmentally friendly due to not only good thermal insulation parameters, but also the possibility of remodelling the construction in full.

Short description

  • Aluminium windows are produced from aluminium profiles covered with a protection layer and vitrified with two or three glass packages.
  • Aluminium windows can be anodized or painted by using powder paint in all colours of the RAL palette, they may be coated in various clear coats, by also imitating wood texture.
  • Aluminium windows are not limited by their size and shape. They match all styles and any exterior.

What is Aluminium Characterised by?

According to developers and producers of windows systems, the use of aluminium is the best innovation in the area of window production in the recent centuries. It is valid for both aluminium framed wooden windows and aluminium windows. Aluminium is not deformed which is very important with regard to the longevity of windows, façades, winter garden and other structures.

Unprotected aluminium oxidized, this it must be coated using a protective coat, i.e. it is anodized or painted. Aluminium is in line with all environmental standards, it is not harmful to your health and is 100 percent recycled, so it is a perfect choice now that the responsibility of each of us is to protect nature and, of course, take care of the health of our close ones. Aluminium is also easily operated: aluminium windows or other products need to be merely washed, and they do not need to be repainted or otherwise renewed. Therefore, aluminium windows will serve you until you want to renewal; it is a perfect long-term investment. Aluminium, among other things, belongs to the category of non-combustible materials.

What Aluminium Structures Can Be Found?

In recent years, glazing of relatively large areas has become very popular (for showcase windows in individual houses and façades in public objects), so the need has arisen to use aluminium structures.

According to the use of aluminium profile windows, they can be warm or cold. Warm aluminium profiles are intended for external products such as windows, facades, winter gardens etc., and cold ones are intended for internal products such as partitions, internal inside doors etc.

Why Should One Choose Aluminium Windows?

Architects and designers value aluminium constructions do to their simple adaptation for individual architectural solutions and application to a modern interior/exterior design in terms of shape, size and colour, and clients who choose aluminium windows appreciate their simple maintenance, longevity and durability which shows that the use of aluminium in window production is really successful. Glazed aluminium profile structures can be much larger than in the case of other materials, and, due to the firmness of materials, they can have a much narrower and elegant frame, so aluminium enables he implementation of very complex and bold ideas. Due to the narrower frame, more light comes to the house.

Aluminium windows are equivalent to wooden or plastic windows in terms of their heat qualities, especially when a window is selected with a warm glass package. A good thermal resistance and minimalistic appearance adds to the universality of windows, and it enables their application for various buildings. Aluminium windows are often used for balcony glazing.

As regards home, safety is unquestionably our main goal. Again, aluminium is leading here. First of all, due to the firmness of its structures, the absence of deformations and its fire resistance, and, secondly, due to additional supplements such as locks, fittings and glass packages. We also produce fireproof and, upon the need, bulletproof windows. Such window projects have been implemented for several embassies abroad in order to increase employee safety.

The selected furniture will respectively give a unique design, it will ensure the safety level requested, and it will enable choosing the desired functionality of the product.

Where Should Aluminium Windows be Mounted?

Today various aluminium structures are dissociable from modern buildings such as individual houses, multi-dwelling buildings and public objects. Aluminium framed windows enable the implementation of diverse ideas, and aluminium window structures are particularly useful when using larger glass areas, e.g. The building has some glass walls. Aluminium structures give an impression of modernity and ease of a building, and he structures do not occupy a large area, i.e. profiles can be very narrow, so buildings with perfect exterior are designed.

How to Maintain Aluminium Windows?

Easy maintenance of aluminium windows is one of their main characteristics. It is enough to clean aluminium windows.

However, in order for aluminium windows to serve for a long time, we recommend additional periodical services. All maintenance and service work are offered by our professional specialists ho will check aluminium window fittings and handles.

We recommend that windows are serviced twice per year, i.e. In spring and in autumn. Having signed an annual contract, all defects (except for mechanical damages) are removed free of charge. An annual contract is a renewal course for your windows.

What Can We Offer?

We are the largest producer of windows and façades in Lithuania. We mostly work with aluminium window systems of Reynaers company. These are globally recognised companies whose window systems are high-quality and reliable, and their products are durable.

Doleta UAB has its designers’ office with experienced specialists of the field who, upon the need, will design a window or even the entire building according to your preferences or the architect’s idea. The team of our designers is not looking for the easiest way as it always seeks to implement any demands of our customers and it is constantly developing and improving new products.

We can offer almost 20 various system that differ in terms of aluminium profile design and the method of their coating which would meet the needs of the most demanding customer. These can be both strictly modern windows and wavy retro shapes, and the surface can be anodised or even imitating wood or bronze; each demand of yours, even the most exclusive and unusual one, will be fulfilled. Due to technological characteristics of aluminium, various shapes and colours can be obtained, so there are no limitations for window shapes and design.

The production of our aluminium windows is facilitated by specialised programs, so the production process is simple, fluent and fast.

Although the prices of aluminium window systems are slightly different, aluminium windows will meet your expectations no matter which of them you choose, and they will be cheaper than wooden or plastic windows. It is particularly surprising for many those interested it aluminium structure windows because aluminium is often considered to be more expensive than other materials. Aluminium is characterised by a good price and quality ratio.

However, the price of aluminium windows should not be regarded as the main criterion when choosing products for your home because individual aluminium windows constitute an investment for the entire life, daily life improvement and comfort assurance. Of course it is important to consider the price of windows; however, the priority should be assigned to their technical and structural characteristics.

Why us?

Doleta UAB pays considerable attention and makes numerous investments in new equipment and modern technologies. Aluminium windows are painted in a robotised window colouring line. We can paint aluminium frames using all colours of the RAL colour palette. A wide range of colours and colouring technologies makes us distinguished in the context of other aluminium window producers.

Having assessed your needs and possibilities, please approach our qualified specialists with long-standing experience and necessary knowledge who will advise you on how to increase comfort and exclusivity, and they will select heat, sound insulation and safety parameters as well as presentment, and they will propose how to increase the longevity of windows or even how to save costs when choosing aluminium windows.
One of the criteria distinguishing us from other window producers is attention to details as the product quality is verified during each process.

We also cooperate with an institute of Kaunas University of Technology and carry out various kinds of laboratory research with them as well as calculations as we calculate the thermal resistance of products and provide isothermal graphs of nodes. We can also make visualisations of windows which will help you to choose the best alternative.

All those interested in aluminium windows produced by Doleta UAB are invited to visit our company in order to see our modern production basis and to get to know the most modern technologies, equipment and materials. We also invite you to meet our specialists. And, in case you have the possibility, you are invited to see our projects implemented both in Lithuania and abroad. Almost all those interested in our projects undoubtedly become our clients and enjoy our aluminium windows after they familiarise themselves with our projects.


Corvision Plus Slim slankiojanti sistema

Corvision Plus Slim slankiojanti sistema

Heat transfer coefficient



  • Interlocking cross-sectional height only - 25 mm.
  • Glass panel thickness - 52 mm.
  • Uw up to 0.9 W/m²K
Aluminium Slimline 38

Aluminium Slimline 38

Heat transfer coefficient



  • Cross-sectional width only - 72 mm.
  • Glass panel thickness up to 28/52 mm.
  • Uw up to 1.0 W/m²K
Aluminium Masterline 8Hi

Aluminium Masterline 8Hi

Heat transfer coefficient



  • Cross-sectional height only - 119 mm.
  • Glass panel thickness up to 28/52 mm.
  • Uw up to 0,8 W/m²K
ALU Facade

ALU Facade

  • Thermally insulated facade and roof construction system
  • Two or three different types of double-glazed units with a thickness up to 44 mm are available
  • This system is also offered aluminium-glass facade design
  • Wide range of colours allows you to adjust the product to the selected design
  • Different internal and external colours are available
ALU Door

ALU Door

  • Thermally insulated three-cell door
  • Two or three different types of double-glazed units with a thickness up to 43 mm are available
  • The door is sealed with two gaskets
  • You can choose a higher safety class by installing additional protections
  • Wide range of colours allows you to adjust the door to the selected design
  • Different internal and external colours are available
  • The system is applied to a wide range of doors hinged inward or outward
 ALU Window

ALU Window

  • Thermally insulated two-cell window
  • Two or three different types of double-glazed units with a thickness up to 43 mm are available
  • The window is sealed with two gaskets
  • You can choose a higher safety class by installing additional protections
  • Wide range of colours allows you to adjust the windows to the selected design
  • Different internal and external colours are available
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