Exterior doors

Exterior doors

Protecting your comfort and peace of mind

Exterior doors - each building’s business card. They are the first ones to meet the ones coming back home, or to greet visitors. Windows are considered to be the eyes of the building while the doors are like a wide smile, which can set a pleasant mood and encourage.


Wooden exterior doors

Exterior doors are usually matched to windows and the exterior of the house, however, it can be an exclusive, distinct house element that distinguishes the building from others. 

Aluminium exterior doors

Due to low density, aluminium is three times lighter than steel, however it is still very strong, thus exterior doors with aluminium profile are light but sturdy. 

Panel exterior doors

Panel exterior doors are an element of a safe, warm and exceptionally designed building. Panel exterior doors are made of a special panel which meets all requirements for the exterior doors. It is a great choice for the ones looking for a modern, high quality and practical solution for a modern home or a public building!

Exterior doors with glass

If you are looking for a cheaper option for your home or business buildings besides panel exterior doors, choose exterior doors with glass. They are definitely as warm, tight and reliable, and ensure good price and quality ratio.

Exterior doors that open outwards

Doors are like a business card of the house. It is a matter of individual taste, possibilities and will, what doors to choose for a house, and apartment or other type of building. Exterior doors that open outwards are very popular.

Exterior doors that open inwards

The door is a business card of each building. It is a matter of individual taste, possibilities and will, what doors to choose for an apartment, a house or a business building. If there is not much space next to the doors, if a lot of stairs is narrow or there are stored objects, it is safer and more effective to choose the doors that open inwards. Exterior doors that open inwards, save space inside.

Double exterior doors

The door is a business card of a building. It is a matter of individual taste, possibilities and wishes, what doors to choose your house, apartment or other premises. Double exterior doors are a good choice for the ones who are looking for a practical solution. Double exterior doors will provide more space to pass by. They will be a great help if you ever need to bring in or take our a piece of furniture or another bulky object. It is extremely important when moving or renewing home.

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