Aluminium exterior doors

Exterior doors are the most intensively used constructional element of the building, thus it must be very strong. This can be achieved in one way - by only using materials and additional elements of highest quality. Also, the longevity and best qualities of exterior doors can be best maintained by timely maintenance and service works.

For the ones looking for sturdy, long-lasting and durable exterior doors for intense use, we recommend choosing exterior doors made of aluminium.


Short description

  • Aluminium doors are made of aluminium profiles coated in aluminium, and two or three glass packs.
    Decorative glass, stained glass, mirror glass, toned, safe and other types of glass. Various decorative details can be glued to glass packs.
  • Aluminium exterior doors can be anodized or painted by using powder paint in all colours of the RAL palette, they may be coated in various clear coats, also imitating wood texture.
  • Aluminium doors are not limited by their size and shape. They match all styles and any exterior. Glass packs can also be of various shapes.
  • Wooden, thermo-aluminium or low doorsteps can be matched to the doors.
  • The doors can be locked using a key, a remote control or even a fingerprint reader. We install exterior door locks that can be locked in one, three or even five points.


Why aluminium?

Aluminium nowadays is faster replacing plastic, when talking about manufacturing windows, doors and other constructional elements, while in the opinion of architects, manufacturers of windows and doors, and builders, use of aluminium is the best that has been used in this domain. Due to its technical qualities, aluminium is especially suitable for manufacturing exterior doors. UAB „Doleta“ offers both - wooden aluminium-plated exterior doors, and aluminium exterior doors.

Aluminium is robust, durable, stable, mobile, it has good operational qualities and unlimited design possibilities.

Due to low density, aluminium is three times lighter than steel, however it is still very strong, thus exterior doors with aluminium profile are light but sturdy. It is very important because doors do not crook, they do not loose their stability, tightness, and do not change their qualities when used intensely.

Aluminium doors do not require special care: they do not need to be repainted or re-coated. They only need to be wiped off. They do not rust, paint does not peel off, thus doors do not change their aesthetic image and serves for an unlimited period of time - it is a great investment for a long period of time.

It is also important to mention that aluminium corresponds to all environmental standards, it is not harmful to human health and is 100% recyclable. Thus for the ones who want to protect nature and are ecology-oriented, however, still looking for a more long-lasting solution, we recommend to choose aluminium exterior doors.


Safety is most important

There is no doubt that the most important thing is for the doors to be safe. Due to the strength of the aluminium construction, absence of defects and also due to additional elements (locks, platings and glass packs), aluminium exterior doors are the choice that meets the highest needs of glass packs. In case of need, UAB „Doleta“ can even suggest bullet-proof aluminium doors. It is also important that aluminium belongs to the group of non-flammable materials.

Not less important is the fact that aluminium doors have a high level of shock resistance, so when you, and especially children, hit the doors, their construction will not disassemble. It is especially relevant when there are stairs, a balcony or similar constructions next to the doors.


Equal regard to design

One of the main reasons why aluminium has begun to be used so widely in manufacturing various constructions, is unlimited possibilities: aluminium constructions can be of any size, shape or colour. Nowadays contemporary modern buildings - both private houses, apartment buildings or public buildings (business centres, shopping centres, hotels, etc.) - are hardly imaginable without aluminium constructions.

Glass aluminium doors are appreciated due to a higher light permeability, because aluminium profiles can be very narrow. This feature has been identified with public buildings, however nowadays owners of private houses raise light permeability above other advantages of doors.

Glass can turn the exterior doors into a real work of art. Decorative glass, stained glass, mirror glass, toned, safe and other types of glass. Glass packs may be of various shapes and various decorative details can be glued on top, providing uniqueness to the exterior doors. However, we also make aluminium exterior doors without glass. Exterior doors are usually combined with windows and façades. However it may also be an exclusive, distinctive, individual element of the house, that decorates, protects and distinguishes the house out of all others.

Unprotected aluminium oxidized, this it must be coated using a protective coat, i.e. it is anodized or painted. Aluminium doors are painted in a robotised window painting line in our manufacturing base. We can paint aluminium frames using all colours of the RAL colour palette.


Possibilities for manufacturing aluminium doors

UAB „Doleta“ is one of the largest manufacturers of exterior doors in the Baltic States (total production area reaches 20 square meters) and it is one of the most modern in the whole Europe (painting using robots, fully-automated temperature and moisture control. Doors are manufactured only by specific order, setting a goal to not only manufacture doors, but to continue implementing a specific architectural idea. The company is not looking for an easier way - most important is that the product best satisfies the needs of the customer.

For meeting these needs we can offer a wide selection of manufacturing possibilities. Doors with aluminium profile can be opened to the outside or to the inside, they can be locked using a key, a remote control or even a fingerprint reader. For the safety of your home, we can offer exterior door locks that can be locked in one, three or even five points. You can choose a wooden doorstep that increases tightness and warmth, or an aluminium doorstep that ensures tightness without reducing thermal properties and does not wear out for a long time. Glass for aluminium exterior doors can have one or two packs.

Out aim is to help you create a comfortable home, thus for clients with impaired movement we recommend choosing exterior doors that can open to the inside and a low doorstep. Doors that open to the inside are convenient because they can be reached closer and it is not necessary to move to the back, to the front and to the sides when opening them. You simply push the doors and, without much effort, you area already inside you home.


How to choose?

In order to not get lost among various choices a clear vision of what you want and your financial and architectural possibilities always help. When choosing, the main criteria should be door properties, design, safety and special needs, but not their price. The price of aluminium doors is, of course, an important, but not a decisive criterion, because you are buying an investment into your comfort and better life long-term.


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