Double exterior doors

Every one of us wants to live in a comfortable home. If earlier it was fashionable to live in trim, decorated houses, nowadays they have to be comfortable. Comfort is expressed in various ways: if some are comfortable having lots of decorations, others value minimalism. If some like massive classical furniture, others fins modern and bright furniture closer to their heart. However every one of them agree that comfortable exterior door is a must. One of the most comfortable solutions is double exterior doors.

  • Wooden double doors are made of traditional pine, oak, larch, also of exotic eucalyptus, sipo, meranti, teak, walnut, thermo-wood, accoya and other wood.
  • The doors are made of highest quality glued wood and are glassed using two or three glass packs.
  • Double doors can be painted in all colours of the RAL colour palette, they may be coated in various clear coats in order to highlight natural texture of wood. It may also be coated in gold, silver, bronze and other materials.
  • Wooden doors can be of various sizes and shapes, they can match all styles and any exterior. Glass packs can also be of various shapes.
  • Decorative glass, stained glass, mirror glass, toned, safe and other types of glass. Various decorative details can be glued to glass packs.
  • Wooden, thermo-aluminium or low doorsteps can be matched to the doors.
  • The doors can be locked using a key, a remote control or even a fingerprint reader. We install exterior door locks that can be locked in one, three or even five points.


When choosing the exterior doors it is very important to pay attention to their longevity, resistance and strength, because it is the most intensively used constructional element of the building. When you find options that match these criteria, you can pay attention to design, price and other qualities. Our experience, used materials and manufacturing technologies warranty that you will immediately be offered a reliable and comfortable solution.

Benefits of double exterior doors

For the ones who need more comfort, we offer double wooden exterior doors. Technical features of such doors do not differ in any way from ordinary one-sided exterior doors, however they are wider, thus they are often chosen by clients who have impaired movement, as well as al clients who do not have limited space next to the exterior doors.

You will notice the benefits of exterior doors when moving, when you need to bring furniture and other bulky objects into your home, when you need to carry out or in a baby stroller, etc. Double exterior doors will provide more space, but they will remain tight, warm, safe, sensitive and especially functional.



Production of double exterior doors

UAB „Doleta“ makes double exterior doors using traditional wood: pine, oak and larch. Pine wood is characterized by firmness and bending resistance, however, it is not difficult to cut and otherwise process. Oak wood is strong, heavy, as well as moisture and rot resistant. It is especially suitable for products that have contact with water, because it is moisture resistant. Larch wood is very resistant and long-lasting. Besides, larch colour and structure is distinguished between other types of wood.

However, we can also offer doors made of exotic wood from South America, Africa and Asia: eucalyptus (lot. eucalyptus), sipo (utile, lot. entandrophragmautile), sapelli (sapele, lot. entandrophragmacylindricum), meranti (white meranti, lot. shoreaassamica), teak (lot. tectona grandis), walnut tree (lot. juglans) and other rare wood, characterized by exclusive properties. We also produce using thermo-wood and accoya wood that has no analogues due to its exclusive properties (for more information please visit:

The most important feature of exterior doors is good and easy operation. They can open outwards or inwards, they can be operated using a key, a remote control or even a fingerprint scanner. High quality exterior door locks may lock the doors using one, three or even five points.

When manufacturing wooden exterior doors, we not only use highest quality wood, but also one or two glass packs that are best in market; we ensure safety with additional safety elements - locks and fittings. The door frame of wooden doors is made of high quality glued wood.

We offer doorsteps for double wooden exterior doors of several different types: wooden ones, that increase tightness and warmth, as well as thermo-aluminium ones that ensure tightness, do not reduce thermo-qualities, are durable, long-lasting, and do not wear for long periods of time; also low doorsteps which are a great choice for clients in wheelchairs, also elderly people, because it does not impair free movement, and it is not necessary to step over them.

If you need more light at home and lightness in construction, we recommend to install windows of the same style over the exterior doors or on the side. Wood and glass are materials that perfectly match together, that complement each other, thus such combination will definitely decorate the façade of your home. You can choose a window with double exterior doors with or without glass. When doors are without glass, we recommend using windows also because of light penetration into the house. A window over or besides the door may be with a decorative glass, stained glass, mirror, toned, safe glass, etc.


What kind of double wooden exterior doors can be produced?

Exterior doors are usually matched to windows and the exterior of the house, however, it can be an exclusive, distinct house element that decorates, protects and distinguishes the building from the surrounding ones. If you want to match the doors with other elements of the building interior or exterior, experts of Dolita, UAB will manufacture several samples of door colours according to the colour sample provided, from which you will be able to choose the most acceptable and favourite one. It is not important what you will match it to - inlaid floors, laminate, door element, etc. We can also create door visualizations what will help you choose the most acceptable option.

Each type of wood is characterized by distinctive texture, pattern and colour, thus our constructors will help you choose the most suitable wood, considering your needs and possibilities. We can also coat wood in special coat, that would highlight the texture of wood, thus we will definitely find a solution that will match other elements of the exterior doors best.

We can also paint doors in all colours of the RAL colour palette, we can coat it in gold, glass, copper or platinum. We implement these unique solutions by having an exceptionally modern production base, newest technologies and modern equipment, for example, robotised product painting line. According to individual solutions we can decorate doors using hand carvings. The exterior doors of your home will also become a piece of art that will not leave anyone indifferent. This is also important because the exterior doors are not only the most intensively used element of the house, but it is also the most visible one.

Double exterior doors may be wooden, with glass pack, with stained glass, blind, aluminium plated from outside, decorated, etc. Both parts of double doors may be of the same width, or one side may be narrow, while another one - wide. Handles can be installed on both parts, or only on one of them, while the other part of the double doors can be fixed using mechanisms at the bottom of the doors. One part of such doors is always be the one that is opened and closed, while the other one would be opened additionally, in case more space is needed. However, double doors with different widths of each part can be manufactured, however, each time both parts of the doors would need to be opened. Everything depends on your needs - UAB „Doleta“ is ready to turn all of them into reality.


Why choose wooden doors?

Wood provides cosines and exceptional design to the exterior doors. Because of its natural features, wood is easily processed. When manufacturing, various shape may be obtained from it.

First, wood is an eco-friendly, natural material, valued by most precisely because of these features. Wood is a renewable natural resource. Old wooden doors may be recycled and reused. If you do not have a possibility to take a walk outdoors, to spend more time in the garden, products made of natural wood is a great choice. Start with doors, windows and other architectural constructions.

Wood is pleasant and warm to touch, it does not get hot. However, at the same time wood is very sturdy material, resistant to shocks, negative environmental impact and intense usage. Besides, wood is characterized by very good heat and sound insulation, as well as electrostatic properties, possibility to maintain natural moisture balance and air circulation in the room.

Wooden doors will serve for long years without any complaints, if you perform maintenance and service works, and, according to the need, renew them by varnishing and repainting them.

Double wooden exterior doors may also be of various shapes and match various styles: modern, renaissance, etc. It is one more of wood features that is especially liked by architects and designers.


How to take care of double wooden exterior doors?

Although wooden doors are long-lasting, in order for them to serve longer and not lose their features, they need to be looked after. First, main rules of wood care need to be understood.

Room ventilation is essential in order to maintain optimal air moisture in the house, to enjoy fresh air, to protect home from moisture accumulation, mould and window dew, by fostering your health and well-being and that of your family. Ventilation is very important to wooden doors and other products. Relative air humidity in the room should not exceed 60%.

Wooden surface, including wooden doors, need to be cleaned using a universal holder, no anti-static cleaning products need to be used because wood does not accumulate electrostatic charge. You do not need to use any detergent, if it is enough to clean only using a damp cloth.

It is also not sufficient to just correctly clean and ventilate rooms. We recommend to perform door maintenance and service works twice per year (in spring and in autumn). We suggest to entrust it to experts of our company. Having signed a yearly maintenance agreement, defects (except mechanical damage) will be eliminated free of charge. Servicing contract is a refreshing course for your doors.

Price: is it also an important criterion?

UAB „Doleta“ uses only highest quality materials in manufacture, it implants newest technologies and invests into the most modern equipment and best experts, as well as manufactures individual products. Our aim is not serial production of wooden doors or manufacturing by order, the main criterion of which is low price. We export most of our products abroad because we pay a lot of attention to detail. Our technological solutions allow us to produce very complex products which other companies do not take up.

However, lately people begin to understand what individual wooden exterior doors and other products are the sign of stylish luxury which improves quality of life. We are noticing that people are choosing the product according to its price less frequently. People want to invest into quality, design and individuality at home.

When choosing doors, the attention first needs to be paid to the area of the lobby, to space beside the doors, and, of course, to technical features and design of the doors. Only after - the price of double wooden exterior doors.


Why UAB „Doleta“?

We focus on implementing individual solutions and help solving non-standard problems of our clients. We never look for the easiest solution or the straightest path - we always put our efforts in order to accomplish each and every need of our clients 100%. It is not enough to use the most modern equipment in our manufacturing base in order to ensure high quality. We understand that all equipment, irrespective of how modern it is, needs to be handled and maintained by company employees. Thus we can courageously state that namely experts are our strength.

We have our own constructor office, where experienced professionals work, who will help you to design double wooden exterior doors or other products for your home, who will advise how to increase comfort and uniqueness, who will choose thermal, sound insulation or safety parameters, and finally, who will suggest how to increase window longevity, or where money can be saved. Evaluate your needs and possibilities and contact us - together we will definitely find best solutions for your home.

Also, together with the KTU institute, we perform diverse laboratory research, we perform thermal calculations, we calculate thermal resistance of our products and provide isothermal diagrams of nods. We pay a lot of attention to details: we check quality during each process.

If you are interested in double exterior doors, however you have not fully decided yet, we kindly invite you to visit our company and the production base in Jieznas, where we will introduce you to latest technologies being used, with equipment, materials, as well as experts who design, manufacture and install doors - your doubts will disappear. If you still have doubts and if you have a possibility, we will invite you to take a look at the projects that UAB „Doleta“ has already implemented in Lithuania and abroad. Having closely familiarized themselves with them, the clients choose wooden double exterior doors and other products for their home that we produce, without any further discussion.

Choose the most optimal price and quality ration, and bring your wishes to life! If you are interested in UAB „Doleta“, in our ideas and projects, contact us - get the answers, the advice and the best solutions for your specific home or business. All clients - private persons and construction companies - are equally important to us. It is also not important if you need all windows, doors and other constructional elements of the building, or individual exterior doors - we will equally meet your expectations and reach the highest comfort level together. Basis of our work is respect to the client and aspiration to listen attentively to clients’ requests, as well as to solve problems and constantly learn. We are sure that we learn a lot of new things from each client and every implemented project.




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