Exterior doors

Protecting your comfort and peace of mind

Exterior doors are one of the main accents of the building exterior, which not only performs a protective function, but also keeps the warmth of home and protects from cold and wind. It is often said that the exterior doors are like a business card of the building. It is noticed by any incoming guest. Doors that are often opened and closed at home must not only be beautiful, match the exterior and interior of the house, but also serve long, be durable and reliable.


Short description

  • In order to provide its protective function, the exterior doors must be of high quality and professionally manufactured.
  • Exterior doors must be resistant to often changing weather conditions, they should not crook and must keep the warmth inside.
  • In order for the building to look impeccably, the exterior doors must match the house decoration, the colour of exterior walls and even the window rims.


Exterior doors may differ in their shape, size and materials which they are made of. The final result depends on their installation location, purpose and, of course, financial ambitions. The price of exterior doors can vary greatly, depending on which materials and design will be chosen by the client. For example, the exterior doors can be with or without glass.

Good, beautiful, but cheap exterior doors can sometimes be sold from exposition. However, the best exterior doors are always the ones that are never sold in promotion.

In each individual case different requirements are held for the exterior doors. For some it is most important that the doors are warm, while others want exceptional appearance. Some are looking for exterior doors for a log house, while others - for their apartment. In any case, we are ready to help you properly evaluate the criteria and choose only the best materials for door production.

However the most important purpose of the door is good and easy operation, safety and longevity. This is why UAB “Doleta” uses only highest quality materials for manufacturing doors for apartments and houses: traditional or exotic wood, aluminium profiles, two or three camera glass packs and additional elements - fittings, locks, handles, etc. Exterior doors may be locked using a key, a remote control or even a fingerprint reader; locks may be locked in one, three or even five points. Besides doors, we manufacture wooden, aluminium or low doorsteps.

We manufacture doors with a decorative, mirror, toned, safe glass or stained glass, we can glue various decorative details as well. We can paint wood or aluminium in all colours of the RAL colour palette, we can coat wood in clear coats, bringing out natural texture of wood, while we can paint aluminium by imitating natural patterns of wood. We can decorate wooden doors with hand crafted carvings.

We promise that we will consider your wishes and we will manufacture exterior doors that would not only organically complement the architectural solutions of your home, but they will be warm, sturdy, resistant to atmospheric impact and perfectly protecting peace in your home.

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