Wooden exterior doors

Wooden exterior doors are eco-friendly, aesthetic, beautiful, warm, luxurious, simple, exceptional and of high quality in one. It is a choice that you will not regret. The choice which will provide individuality to your home.

  • Wooden doors are made of traditional pine, oak, larch, also of exotic eucalyptus, sipo, meranti, teak, walnut, thermo-wood, accoya and other wood.
  • The doors are made of highest quality glued wood and are glassed using two or three glass packs.
  • Wooden doors can be painted in all colours of the RAL colour palette, coated in various clear coats for only highlighting wood texture. They can also be covered in gold, silver, bronze, copper and other materials.
  • Wooden doors can be of various sizes and shapes, they can match all styles and any exterior. Glass packs can also be of various shapes.
  • Decorative glass, stained glass, mirror glass, toned, safe and other types of glass. Various decorative details can be glued to glass packs.
  • Wooden, thermo-aluminium or low doorsteps can be matched to the doors.
  • The doors can be locked using a key, a remote control or even a fingerprint reader. We install exterior door locks that can be locked in one, three or even five points.


Wooden doors - forever classics

Wood has been used for manufacturing exterior doors from ancient times: wooden doors made of German maple have been talked about already during the times of Ancient Egypt and Persia. The Middle Ages are considered to be the period of breakthrough of wooden door production: church and monastery doors of that period are impressive. Later on wooden doors remained popular throughout the Renaissance and Baroque period.

At the beginning of the 19th century, France became the leader of wooden door production, manufacturing products of especially refined design, thus giving life to a completely new style with a name of Liberty.

Throughout this long period the wood used was constantly changing, as well as its processing techniques and styles, but not the popularity of wooden exterior doors. Up to this day they remain popular and they always will be.


Why choose wooden doors?

First, every one of us perceive wood as ecological and natural: yes, these are important qualities of wood as raw material. It should also be emphasized that wood is a renewable natural resource, and even the old wooden doors may be recycled and reused. Wood is absolutely harmless to the environment and people. On the contrary - it has soothing properties. If you don’t have a possibility to walk in the woods more often and to stay outdoors, wooden doors and other constructional elements and furniture is a great choice for your home. Experts agree that the latter is also characterized by positive properties.

Wood is liked by designers, architects and construction companies due to especially good technical properties: resistance, good sound and heat insulation, as well as electrostatic properties, the ability to maintain natural moisture balance and air circulation. Also because of its distinct texture, aroma and wide processing and usage possibilities.

Wood is a suitable choice in architectural decisions because due to its intrinsic properties the material is easy to process, it allows to obtain various shapes and sizes, to paint in various colours or coats. Due to these reasons wooden exterior doors match various styles: contemporary, modern, renaissance, etc. Wood provides cosines and exceptional design to the exterior doors.


What wood to choose?

Each type of wood has its own texture, structure, colour, and, most importantly, individual properties. The choice of wood mainly depends on the exterior and price. UAB “Doleta” manufactures exterior doors using various wood material: both classical and exotic. Our designers will evaluate your needs and possibilities, they will take into account realistic situation and will help you choose most suitable wood.

Of traditional woods we offer a choice of pine, oak and larch. Pine wood is characterized by its firmness and bending resistance, thus it is easy to cut and otherwise process. Besides, pine is warmer, that is why pine doors have better thermo-insulation properties if compared to oak wood. Pine exterior doors are the most economical option for your home. Meanwhile, oak wood is more resistant to environmental impact, it is strong, heavy, moisture and rot resistant. It is especially suitable for products that have contact with water, because it is moisture resistant. Thus oak doors are more stable and durable than pine doors. Ash tree wood is heavy, hard and strong. It is good to process, thus is widely used in door production. Ash tree doors are as strong and resistant as oak doors. Larch wood is very resistant and long-lasting. Besides, larch colour and structure is distinguished between other types of wood.

Doors made of exotic woods from South America, Africa and Asia, such as eucalyptus (lot. eucalyptus), sipo (utile, lot. entandrophragmautile), sapelli (sapele, lot. entandrophragmacylindricum), meranti (white meranti, lot. shoreaassamica), teak (lot. tectona grandis), walnut tree (lot. juglans) and other rare woods, characterized by exceptional qualities, e.g. thermo-wood or accoya wood that has no analogues due to its exclusive properties (for more information please visit: https://www.accoya.com) will be a real work of art, decorating your home. Having chosen exotic wood, it is recommended to coat it in clear coat that will not hide the beauty of real wood.


Design possibilities of wooden exterior doors

Wood is excellent material for various architectural solutions, because it can be processed in various ways and coated in various coats, as well as painted in all colours of the RAL colour palette.

For example, clear coating of doors does not hide the unique texture of wood, but animates it and allows to give doors a shade. If you chose luxurious wooden doors or the ones made of exotic wood, we always recommend to coat it using clear coat, to not hide the natural beauty of wood.

We can reveal the texture of wood, highlight or hide the intrinsic wood patterns, obtain any shade or colour. We are not afraid of even the most unique ideas - we can coat doors in gold, silver, cooper or platinum. We may decorate the doors using unique hand crafted carvings. All your individual solutions will be accomplished.

Another very important element of the exterior doors is glass. Wood and glass perfectly match and complement each other. Wood ensures the eco-friendliness aesthetics, attractiveness and warmth of the exterior doors, while the framed glass pack will provide individuality, beauty and elegance. For the exterior doors you may choose decorative, mirror, toned, safe or stained glass, etc. Glass packs that we use in manufacturing may be of various shapes and various decorative details can be glued on top, providing uniqueness to the exterior doors.

Exterior doors are usually matched to windows and the exterior of the house, however, it can be an exclusive, distinct house element that distinguishes the building from others. In any case, we can create door visualizations which will help you choose the most suitable option for your home, as well as make several door colour samples. This especially helps to choose the colour of the doors when you want to match the doors with other elements of the interior or exterior. You can match it to the inlaid floor, laminate piece, door element, etc.


Safety and comfort is extremely important

No doubt that the most important needs for a home is its safety. It is also very important that home is comfortable. Exterior door is one of the most important constructive elements that ensures home safety, thus it is very important to choose not only according to the wooden exterior door price, design and wood hardness, but also the strength and quality of additional door elements.

In its production, UAB „Doleta“ only uses high quality three-layer glued wood, best in market one or two pack glass, as well as pays close attention to additional elements of exterior doors – locks and fittings.

External doors are the most intensively used constructional element of the house, thus it is very important that it is easily controlled, convenient and durable. The wooden doors that we produce may be locked/unlocked using a lock, a remote control or even a fingerprint reader. Door locks may lock the doors using one, three or even five points.

UAB „Doleta“ can also offer exceptional wooden, thermo-aluminium or low doorsteps. Wooden doorsteps increases tightness and warmth, while the aluminium ones ensure tightness and do not reduce thermal properties, they are durable and long-lasting because they do not wear out for long periods of time. For people with physical disabilities or the ones using wheelchairs or living with such people we recommend low doorsteps which do not impair movement and which do not need to be stepped over. Such low doorsteps are also suitable for elderly people who may find it difficult to step over a higher wooden or aluminium doorstep.
Wooden exterior doors may be opened to the outside or to the inside. We also offer wooden double-sided or panel exterior doors. Wooden doors may also be aluminium plated from the outside.

Aluminium protects wood from environmental impact, it extends durability and stability of the wooden doors besides, it facilitates the ease of use. Modern technologies allow to paint aluminium in various colours or even patterns, thus it will not worsen the exterior door design.


Care of wooden exterior doors

We first need to talk about room ventilation, regardless of what doors you have chosen. It is important to ventilate rooms because it helps protect home from moisture accumulation, mould formation, and window dew, also ventilation helps nourish your health and that of your family, to maintain optimum air humidity and enjoy fresh air. Relative air humidity in the room should not exceed 60%.

Wooden exterior doors will serve you and your family for many long years only when they are used properly. These external doors require a little bit more maintenance than aluminium or aluminium-plated doors, however their uniqueness redeems all efforts.

Wooden surface, including wooden doors, need to be cleaned using a universal holder, no anti-static cleaning products need to be used because wood does not accumulate electrostatic charge. You do not need to use any detergent, if it is enough to clean only using a damp cloth.

If needed, it is recommended to repaint, recoat or otherwise renew the wooden exterior doors every few years, as well as check wood bindings, handles twice a year, i. e. in spring and in autumn, and apply protective milk to the wood.

UAB „Doleta“ offers to sign a yearly maintenance agreement with us, so that you do not need to take care of the following works - everything will be done by our experts, while defects (except for mechanical damage) will be corrected free of charge.


Wooden or plastic exterior doors?

UAB „Doleta“ offers clients only high quality wooden, wooden aluminium plated or aluminium exterior doors, however there is one more relatively often chosen type of exterior doors and that is plastic doors. We do not recommend choosing this type especially for personal homes. Let us compare wooden and plastic exterior doors.

Plastic exterior doors are a cheaper option, but it definitely is not the best because plastic doors are not as beautiful and aesthetic looking as wooden, they do not have properties characteristic to wood, and they do not allow the house to breathe naturally. In the meanwhile, wooden doors have better technical properties and design possibilities.

In individual homes we always recommend choosing unique wooden doors or wooden doors with aluminium plating. In public buildings where more quality, higher durability and better appearance is needed, we recommend installing aluminium exterior doors. They are suitable for business centres, shops and similar places.


Why us?

We focus on implementing individual solutions and help solving non-standard problems of our clients. We never look for the easiest solution or the straightest path - we always put our efforts in order to accomplish each and every need of our clients 100%. Thus we are chosen by clients who look for quality, individuality instead of the lowest price in the market.

We are constantly improving our skills, we learn and invest into the most modern equipment and technologies, we value our experts and understand that the entirety of it is our strength. Thus we are one of the largest manufacturers of exterior doors in the Baltic States (total production area reaches 20 square meters) and it is one of the most modern in the whole Europe (painting using robots, fully-automated temperature and moisture control. We have received many awards. However we do not intend to stop - we keep on improving.

We work in cooperation with the KTU institute: together we carry out various laboratory tests, perform thermal and product thermal impedance calculations, and provide isothermal diagrams of nodes. All this allows us to create products of highest quality, to constantly improve them in order for indicators to improve further. Each mistake is noticed and corrected. Errors are corrected by paying a lot of attention to details, because during each production phase we check quality of wooden exterior doors and other products.


You cannot decide?

If you still have questions, we invite you to visit our company and get to know the technologies, equipment, materials used, as well as the experts who design, manufacture and install the doors. You are also welcome to take a look at the projects that have already been implemented in Lithuania and abroad. We are sure that all doubts will be dispelled because when clients get to know us better, they choose our products for their homes without any further discussion.

We also produce for construction companies, not only for private persons. It is not important if you are interested in only wooden exterior doors, or in all construction elements of the building - all clients are equally important for us and we treat each order with the same approach - we strive to provide high quality service.

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