Facade glazing

Light and space

Glass facades is a modern architectural solution, popular in the construction of both individual and commercial buildings.

Facade systems are used in order to cover huge open holes, entire facades and roof constructions with glass. We use wood, aluminium or combinations of these materials for facade glazing systems. The forms vary from rectangular, trapezoidal to circular, arched and curvy.

Assembly of modular facade glazing systems allows both their partial assembly at the factory and complete assembly at the construction site. Almost all facade systems can include built-in windows operated manually or automatically.

Structural glazing

Simplicity and aesthetics

Structural glazing is different from the facade type and is characterized by laying a narrow strip of silicone between the glazing areas instead of aluminium caps.

 This system can be used in both vertical facades and glass roofs and provides the facade with the optical image of solid glass surface and perfectly fits with our other product - AVANGARD window system.