Structural glazing

Simplicity and aesthetics

Structural glazing is different from the facade type and is characterized by laying a narrow strip of silicone between the glazing areas instead of aluminium caps.

This system can be used in both vertical facades and glass roofs and provides the facade with the optical image of solid glass surface and perfectly fits with our other product - AVANGARD window system.

DOLETA structural

DOLETA structural

  • Two or three different types of double-glazed units from 24 mm to 48 mm are available
  • The choice of 50 mm; 60 mm; 80 mm wide facade profiles
  • Possibility of glazing not only facades, but also the roofs with slope of more than 10 degrees
  • Possibility of installation of hinged elements: windows, doors, skylights and etc. elements
  • We recommend for buildings of up to 4 meters in height
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