Sliding systems

In today’s world, the installation of modern houses is inseparable not only from style, but also comfort, which is very important nowadays to everyone. Modern houses usually have small spaces, which may require ingenuity to install them properly. One of the great modern options are sliding systems that save a lot of space at home and are used for many purposes, offering many benefits.


  • Sliding doors or windows is a practical and stylish choice, perfect for both small spaces and rooms of non-traditional configurations.
  • Lift-and-slide doors are mostly used for terraces, patios or balconies and do not take a lot of effort to install.
  • The major advantage of the sliding systems in glazed balconies and patios is that the glazed frames are pushed horizontally in two directions allowing to enjoy the open area without occupying space on the balcony.

Sliding systems

Sliding window or door systems are a great choice for the lovers of open spaces and fresh air enthusiasts. In good weather, they can easily convert a glazed balcony, veranda or terrace into an open space. Windows or doors of sliding systems do not take up much space, they are very easy to open, therefore, you can transform your areas without much hassle and trouble.


Lift-and-slide doors and windows is yet another variety of sliding systems. Lift-and-slide systems it is when one panel of the glass is pushed in parallel on the other. Such systems are mostly used for door production, but can sometimes be used for windows, too. Aluminium windows made according to this principle are mostly used for balcony glazing as they are best to fit in small spaces.

Tilt-and-slide systems

Tilt-and-slide type sliding doors and windows is a great choice for balconies, patios, terraces, winter gardens, facades etc. and can be used for glazing or installing comfortable exits. They ensure a really nice look and function perfectly for that purpose. These are windows and doors of exceptional functionality, high quality, characterized by tightness, warmth, comfort and, last but not least, attractive price.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows are the perfect choice for balconies, garden houses, and other small buildings where there is no space to open a regular window. Specifically, space saving, functionality and the ease of control are the main advantages of the sliding windows. Sliding windows are made of sturdy aluminium profiles and are therefore highly durable.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a popular choice for terrace glazing allowing for easy transformation of a terrace from closed to open spaces, and vice versa. Sliding doors have a feature very popular among customers – with a single turn of the handle, you can open the top of the door for room ventilation; while the door can be fully opened by turning the handle once again.

Folding windows

If your home needs more open space, you have too little room to open or push the window, you might consider folding windows. The shape of folding windows resembles an accordion, making it a great choice for small apartments or garden houses.

Folding doors

The shape of folding door resembles an accordion: the doors are made up of several parts that can be folded into one or both sides, to leave an open space. The folded system is a perfect choice for outdoor terrace because of its functionality, easy operation and durability.

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