Folding windows

With special fittings, windows or doors can easily be folded as an accordion, by compacting both halves. The use of such sliding systems allows for maximum utilization of the space. Folding windows can be used for glazed balconies, as well as for exits to terraces or other similar spaces. Sliding systems are increasingly popular for glazing balconies, terraces or patios, as all this allows to maximize the space. Accordion type sliding systems are designed for easy separation of the living spaces.


  • The main advantages of accordion type sliding systems:
  • Convenient and easy control;
  • These sliding systems have a wide choice of combinations of elements.
  • Wide range of colours or coating textures.
  • Easy to clean dust.
  • High flexibility.
  • Ventilation function.

If you need more open space, you have little room to open or slide the window, make sure to choose the folding windows. Their shape resembles an accordion. Folding windows can be made up of several parts, folding to one or both sides, leaving an empty, open space. Such installation will save space and optimize the place in your home or other premises. Most often foldable windows are installed in garden houses, balconies and other small rooms, where every centimetre is precious.

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