Lift-and-slide doors and windows is yet another product of sliding systems. In lift-and-slide systems, one panel of the glass is pushed in parallel on the other. Such systems are mostly used for door production, but can sometimes be used for windows, too. Aluminium windows made according to this principle are mostly used for balcony glazing as they are best to fit in small spaces.

UAB Doleta also offers a unique product of lift-and-slide systems – a wooden corner window. Such windows help to save space in the room and also open up the area to help blend it with the natural panorama. Due to functionality and aesthetics, such windows are highly valued not only by apartment or home owners, but also by operators of public facilities, cafes or restaurants.

Lift-and-slide doors are especially popular among customers because of their wide range of applications and functionality. One of the main advantages of the lift-and-slide doors, where the panels are pushed in parallel on each other, is their size. They can consist of one, two, four or even six panels. Such lift and slide type doors, depending on the size of your space, can be made in single or bi-fold versions.

The profile of the lift-and-slide doors is made of glued wood. The doors can be easily adapted to the interior thanks to the big choice of wood and are going to be a feature that you will enjoy; it makes even more worth it. Upon request, such products can be decorated in line with the spatial or other elements. Another solution is the possibility of coating this type of product with a high quality aluminium profile, thus protecting it from the harmful effects of the environment.

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