Sliding windows

Sliding windows are becoming increasingly popular in small spaces and newly designed homes and apartments. Such windows do not open to the outside or to the inside, and large glass surfaces not only allow more sunlight in the room, but also help create a perception of space and comfort in the premises. Sliding windows do not take up much space and provide good ventilation. These types of windows are very tight, especially watertight, and feature excellent thermal insulation. These windows are easy to maintain and are long-lasting.


  • Sliding windows will easily transform your balcony into an additional living area or a room for a workout machine, or you can equip a work or recreation area.
  • Sliding windows will provide reliable and high quality protection for your balcony or terrace not only from the street noise but also from external effects such as rain, snow or wind.
  • This type of glazing is most often used to optically expand the space adjacent to the room, all the while protecting it from dust, snow and rain, and turning the balcony or terrace into an aesthetic and cosy area.
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