Tilt-and-slide systems

Tilt-and-slide type sliding doors and windows is a great choice for balconies, terraces, winter gardens, facades etc. and can be used for glazing or installing comfortable exits. They provide a really nice look and function perfectly for that purpose. These are windows and doors of exceptional functionality, high quality, characterized by tightness, warmth, comfort and attractive price.

The window or door is first opened and then pushed sideways. Modern and practical window or door control allows to save area and it works out very conveniently.

Sliding doors and windows cannot boast of a wide variety of shapes, but come in a number of different visual styles so they can look quite versatile, with the great selection of decorative details and colours allowing to match the sliding windows and doors to any surroundings or interiors. They have unique looks and are made from a big choice of wood (pine, fir, oak, eucalyptus, meranti dark, sipo mahogany, sapelia, teak, shorea, larch, jatoba, etc.).

Tilt and slide windows and doors can be wooden or aluminium-reinforced from the outside. Such windows or doors may also be pushed towards the wall, or locked. In each case, we will adapt and customise the best solution for you.

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