Unique solutions

Exotic wood

To emphasize your oneness

Windows reveal your real personality.

We enable you to be yourselves. We offer exclusive windows, which are made from exotic South American, African and Asian wood: eucalyptus (Lat. Eucalyptus), sipo (African tiama, Lat. Entandrophragma utile), sapeli (cylindrical tiamoa, Lat. Entandrophragma cylindricum), meranti (white meranti, Lat. Shorea assamica), teak (big teak, Lat. Tectona grandis), walnut (Lat. Juglans) and other rare wood characterized by exceptional properties.


Unique window profiles, colours, forging

To highlight individuality

We are proud that main part of our production consists of unique, unitary and elite products developed according to individual orders.

In order to hold the set level of quality, we go deep into the specifics of individual objects, try to understand the vision and needs of our client, and implement all ideas of an architect. Key prestige matter of the company is to prevent the customer from implementing wrong and uncomfortable architectural solution.


Windows of various geometric shapes

Creative solutions

Windows is a reflection of your personality.

At the same time, they play a special role in modern architectural design. Properly selected window size or shape, material or colour helps to implement the variety of architectural solutions, to create the desired image and effect as well as to form the house style – whether you choose a classic or modern one.


Specialized solutions

Unfailing searches for perfection

We create, produce and improve our products to meet a variety of the needs and requirements as well as the highest quality standard.

In the manufacture of windows, we use natural and organic materials: glass, wood, rubber, aluminium. Wood and aluminium constructions are usually painted using eco paint system, which is granted a DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate, corresponding to the “Blue Angel” (RAL-UZ 12) standard. We use only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood in window construction.


Cultural heritage items

Synthesis of history and modernity

Historical buildings require unconventional solutions.

In these unique buildings, it is intended to maintain the historical authenticity, they must comply with the requirements of heritage protection and, at the same time, we want to live in a modern and comfortable environment: to have functional windows that meet present thermal standards.


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