Bay windows

For cosy moments in life

Bay windows with their curvy design decorate the room and add more light to it just as they visually enhance space and create an effect of an integrity between the interior and the space outside. The bay window design may consist of more than three elements that can be interconnected at different angles. These windows will add distinction, cosiness, and luxury to your home. The recent trend in renovating building is to covert former open balconies into bay windows by dismantling the exterior partition of the room, increasing its area and improving its natural light.

Short description

  • Bay windows create a space where you can set up a study, a winter garden, or a cosy nook to put your feet up in.
  • Bay windows are easy to install and build, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the end result.
  • Bay windows give an unusual shape to the room. Thanks to their unique design, the interior of the room attains an unusual and original shape that can be used to realise even the most daring of architectural fantasies.

People are becoming increasingly focused on high-quality relaxation as the modern way of life leaves little time to chill out – and if rest is scarce, it at least has to be top-notch. One thing that could be a guarantee of high-quality home relaxation is a winter garden. A winter garden is a part of residential house, its roof and walls largely consisting of special glazed frames.

Yet not everyone is in a position to set up a winter garden at their home, as the majority of the population are living in apartment buildings. You don’t have a house but still dream about your own winter garden a lot? No worries, have one set up in your balcony, which can be turned into an bay! Bay windows are parts of buildings with windows that extend from the façade surface.

The main benefits of an bay window is the enhanced interior space, more natural daylight inside, and better-looking façade. New apartment buildings are often designed to include bays. When it comes to renovating old apartment buildings, bays can be installed by dismantling an interior partition of the room and turning the balcony into an bay window. This can also be done without removing the partition and by glazing the height of the balcony.

Bay windows are easy to build and install, and the interior they provide may turn out to be a pleasant surprise. Compared to the cost of building a winter garden, the price of installing an bay is low, but the resultant satisfaction will be enormous indeed. You can use the bay to set up a recreational area in which you can enjoy cosy evenings with your dearest and nearest, watch the world outside and the sky without having the fear of changing weather.


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