Winter gardens

For cosy moments in life

People who live in a world of technology and perpetual motion do not often get in touch with nature and spend time outside. Yet the stress and the tension dissipate in a blink of an eye once you find yourself in nature’s healing embrace. Today, this miraculous haven is accessible to everyone who knows the value of the beauty of light and nature. Indoor winter gardens create a pleasant atmosphere and let more light into the living quarters. Winter gardens are even accessible to residents of apartment buildings who can install them in balconies or loggias, while homeowners will find no difficulty whatsoever in setting up their own winter garden with a rec area. Adequately designed and built, a winter garden will bring joy to its owner for years to come.

Short description

  • Winter gardens can be designed as an addition to a residential building. Such winter gardens are the perfect spot for a lounge or recreational area.
  • Also, winter gardens can be designed as stand-alone buildings. As often as not, this type of winter garden houses orangeries, pools, or rest houses.
  • Winter gardens bring more light and warmth into the home.
  • They allow the residents to relish nature regardless of the season.
  • On top of that, winter gardens create added value to homes.

People who live in their own houses and want to design a space of peace and relaxation are considering setting up a winter garden increasingly more often. Popular back in the era of manors, winter gardens today again are making their way back into the modern dwelling.

A winter garden is part of a residential house, its roof and walls largely consisting of special glazed frames. In snow or rain or sunshine, the winter garden will be a nice place to be for people and plants a like, whatever the season. Modern ventilation and air conditioning systems and cutting-edge heating solutions create perfect conditions to take care of your winter garden without much trouble and use it all year long.

Winter gardens come in a variety of types that can be easily matched to a particular home. Once that it is done, the winter garden soon becomes an inseparable part of the interior and identity of the house.

There are two main types of winter gardens: additions and stand-alone buildings. On top of that, winter gardens can have two façades (with two walls attached to the building) and three façades (with only one wall of the garden connected to the building).

We offer nearly limitless solutions of winter garden shapes, colours, materials, and designs. All you need to do is decide on what you want and pick what’s right for you. And after the installation of your winter garden has been taken car of, you can give yourself a special treat – make yourself a nice cup of tea, park yourself in a comfortable armchair, and enjoy the view from the windows of your winter garden and the plants running wild inside. Being surrounded by plants, enjoying a moment of peace and quiet, natural daylight or a starry sky is the best kind of rest there is.

UAB Doleta only uses top-quality materials to make its winter gardens, such as single- and double-glazed wood-aluminium frames. The frames can be painted every colour in the RAL range, covered with a transparent coat to highlight the natural texture of wood, or imitation wood texture on aluminium.

If you are interested to obtain a quotation and to find out if you can have a winter garden set up, do get in touch and we will find a solution that is just right for you and present you with an estimate. Yet we are positive that the cost of installation will have its pay-off in the pleasure of the possibilities that the winter garden will bring, and the relaxing time spent in it.

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