Wooden windows

Wooden windows

Natural aesthetics and warmth

Our high-quality products offer individual character, stylish luxury and efficiency. More and more, people understand that their home reflects them; nowadays we get the question "How much do the timber windows cost?" far less frequently. The cost remains in the background; as those who want to buy quality wooden windows realise that the products that are cheaper are inferior and never better; mostly our clients are more interested in the excellent aesthetic appearance of our finished products that are fantastically supported by outstanding technical characteristics. Our clients are no longer just seeking a deal or an offer as people more often now realise that this type of window systems are an investment for life.

Wood is a natural and environmentally friendly material with excellent thermally insulative qualities; this ensures a constant level of humidity within a room, and provides comfort and aesthetic pleasure. We use engineered timber manufacturing technologies that not only help to expose all of the natural qualities, but also allows the wood to be created into virtually unlimited shapes that is accompanied by a vast spectrum of colours and customisable technical solutions enhancing the diversity of applications, where even the most demanding of clients can find the solutions for their needs.

Our range and selections of bespoke windows are so diverse and varied that we can offer a solution to suit anyone, with products that compliment those enhancing traditional build homes to log built houses, sauna and garden house adaptations, as well as for one contemplating a new window balcony.

We produce wooden windows that achieve, not only a subtle and non-standard design, but that can also enhance excellent features. For example, we offer solutions that can be installed in a passive house style environment, with no active heat source; where even the larger window solutions for this type ensures both high energy efficiency and surprising thermal resistance characteristics.

In 2007, we became the first of the Baltic countries window manufacturer to acquired the German Institute Certificate of Conformity for wooden window systems, for passive houses "Passive House Quality". This series of window solutions attains a thermal conductivity coefficient of Uw <= 0.8W/m2K; and corresponds to as many as 5 of our primary window systems.

Wooden windows cladded with aluminium

The modern view of the world

Wooden windows is an ideal solution for those seeking quality, aesthetics and energy efficiency.

However, in order to preserve the unique characteristics of wooden window, reduce operating costs and extend the service life, we recommend wooden windows with wrought aluminium.

We were the first in Lithuania to introduce two systems of coating the windows with aluminium from outside. This technological solution protects the wood from external atmospheric exposure, and window maintenance does not almost need any additional costs.

Today we offer to choose from over 15 different systems of wooden windows cladded aluminium.

Comfort inside and minimal maintenance outside: the window reflecting a modern view of the world.

Wooden windows with outward opening

Scandinavian functionality

Where winds are raging and there is lack of sunshine, wooden windows with outward opening are mounted.

The windows of this type are very popular in the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian countries. With classic appearance, Danish-style windows are mainly used in windy coastal areas: the wind presses the window sash to the frame, and seals it naturally.

These windows are made with a narrower frame, so more light gets into the room. In addition, after the window is opened, it covers less living space: this is very important for those living in small flats or houses.

Wooden windows with outward opening are also the specific to historical Lithuanian buildings. Therefore, they remain popular today as well: during the restoration of houses included in the list of cultural heritage, or construction of new ones, replicating our architectural heritage.

Aluminium Windows

Firm and durable

Products made of aluminium profiles are characterized by an exceptional resistance to external factors, stability and durability. This is especially relevant in industrial construction as well as for exterior doors.

A variety of overall dimensions and shapes, allowing implementing even the most daring ideas of architects, fire and intrusion prevention are main advantages of aluminium products.

We use powder paints for the decor of aluminium products, so the range of colours, gloss level or the choice of texture is very wide as you can choose from the imitation of bronze to wood texture. These products are resistant to chemicals, changes in the atmosphere, and they are easy to maintain.

No less important is that the modern aluminium products are environmentally friendly due to not only good thermal insulation parameters, but also the possibility of remodelling the construction in full.

Unique windows

Exclusive design and minimalism

There is more and more minimalism in modern architecture, which gives buildings exceptional design, uniqueness and exclusivity. We adapt to the needs of our customers and we create windows, which organically merge with the façade plane, are minimalist and at the same time exude a simple aesthetic.

Unique windows are windows that stand out with their non-standard design, as well as unique structural features that merge harmoniously into the building as a whole. Natural and ecological materials are used for the production of these windows: glass, wood, aluminum.

We produce windows that not only fulfill all architectural solutions, but also have excellent durability characteristics, the highest thermal and sound insulation, wind and water (in) permeability properties.

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