Bulletproof wooden windows

Maximum safety

Depending on the precise and specific composition and thickness of the bulletproof window, these kinds of materials can stop a certain number of certain-calibre bullets fired from different firearms at different speeds.


  • Bulletproof glass can withstand a single bullet as well as an entire series of bullets.
  • Different types of glass are used for the manufacturing of bulletproof glass. These different types of glass are laminated with special films.
  • The combination of special glass and film effectively distributes the strength of the bullet over a large area of glass so that it withstands the shots without breaking on the other side.
  • Bulletproof windows are created using the highest quality ballistic glass.
  • The highest quality ballistic stainless steel is used.
  • Hinges are reinforced and adjustable.



Bullet resistance glass classes according to EN 1063 BR1 to BR7

Bulletproof glass is produced by laminating non-tempered sheet glass with a PVB sheet.
Products are tested and classified according to the EN 1063:2002 standard. Based on the results of the tests, the manufacturer is issued a certificate indicating the class of the tested glass.

Glass units used in the manufacture of bulletproof windows are divided into bulletproof glass classes:

EN 1063 BR1 to BR7 including a description, suggested glass thickness, number of shots, and an approximate time to withstand for each class. These values are approximate and can vary based on factors like the specific material used, the design of the window, and the manufacturer's recommendations.



Suggested Glass Thickness

Number of Shots

Time to Withstand


Protection against 9mm Luger FMJ

6 - 10 mm (0.24 - 0.39 in)

3 shots

~1 minute


Larger caliber handguns (.357 Magnum)

8 - 12 mm (0.31 - 0.47 in)

3 shots

~1 minute


Higher caliber handguns (.44 Magnum)

10 - 15 mm (0.39 - 0.59 in)

3 shots

~1 minute


Submachine guns (.357 Magnum, 9mm)

12 - 18 mm (0.47 - 0.71 in)

3 shots

~2 minutes


Higher velocity firearms (5.56mm, 7.62mm)

18 - 25 mm (0.71 - 0.98 in)

3 shots

~2 minutes


Armor-piercing rifle ammo (7.62mm)

20 - 32 mm (0.79 - 1.26 in)

3 shots

~5 minutes


High-powered armor-piercing rifle ammo

25 - 40 mm (0.98 - 1.57 in)

3 shots

~10 minutes

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