Fire-resistant wooden windows

Windows that protect you


Specialised windows play an important role in the construction or renovation of buildings, as requirements for building safety and structural resistance increase. Fire-resistant windows are one type of specialised window.


  • Fire-resistant wooden windows have particularly good acoustics.
  • Fire-resistant wooden windows can be painted in all the RAL colours.
  • Only the highest quality materials are used in the manufacture of fire-resistant wooden windows.
  • Fire-resistant wooden windows are visually indistinguishable from conventional wooden windows.
  • The thermal performance of a fire-resistant wooden window is A++.



Fire-resistant picture windows

One of the main attractions of modern architecture − large glass windows, which provide more light and a feeling of space and airiness. Large glassed-in areas in buildings are growing in popularity, but they are subject to high technical, not just architectural, requirements.

Picture windows are a solution that almost seems to blur the boundary between inside and outside the room. It is an architectural element that visually enlarges the space yet looks subtle. For buildings with high technical and safety requirements, but still maintaining the design of the building, one option is fire-resistant windows. Fire-resistant picture windows are made of specialised materials adapted to fire requirements but are visually indistinguishable from regular picture windows.

Fire-resistant inward-opening windows

Inward-opening wooden windows are one of the most popular solutions and choices. This is the most accepted method of opening windows in European countries. Wooden inward-opening windows tilt and turn. We manufacture windows according to our customers’ needs.

Fire-resistant inward-opening wooden windows are a security investment and a solution to meet building requirements. Fire-resistant windows are mostly used in public and industrial buildings with a lot of occupants, which means that in the event of a fire, a relatively long evacuation time is needed. A fire-resistant window is also an essential protection measure in areas with higher fire risk, such as boiler rooms, kitchens, or any other room with a risk category.

Fire-resistant outward-opening windows

Outward-opening wooden windows are particularly popular in Scandinavia, due to windy weather conditions and the minimalist design of the window itself. In Lithuania, wooden windows that open outwards have also been around for a long time and are characteristic of historic buildings. These are the windows that Lithuanians usually choose for the restoration of old buildings listed as cultural heritage objects.

Fire-resistant outward-opening wooden windows are the perfect choice for buildings under renovation. The safety of fire-resistant windows is ensured using the highest quality specialised materials and the window manufacturing process itself. Our professional manufacturing process gives our customers peace of mind, knowing that the fire-resistant windows they purchase will last a long time and be of the highest quality.

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