High-class energy-efficient wooden windows (A++)

Wooden windows are a popular solution in various constructions due to their thermal insulation properties and natural aesthetic appearance. In Lithuania, as of January 1, 2021, all new buildings must comply with the A++ energy efficiency class. The A++ class indicates that these windows are particularly effective in terms of energy efficiency.

Since 2016, Doleta has been manufacturing windows that meet the requirements of the A++ class. Modern and innovative technologies, along with years of experience, allow us to produce exceptionally warm windows suitable for passive, A++ class buildings. In the production of energy-efficient windows, we use special heat-saving materials and install additional energy-saving measures that meet thermal efficiency requirements.

Doleta exclusively manufactures windows with a thin profile. The thinner the profile, the more durable the window, as it withstands more cycles, looks more aesthetic, and allows more light into the room. The highest level of window thermal insulation ensures maximum energy savings.

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