Doleta Avangard - Glass-covered wooden window


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Doleta Avangard - Glass-covered wooden window

Heat transfer coefficient



  • Frame 73 mm thick profiles
  • Sash 78 mm thick profiles
  • Packages in a sash 80 mm thick, the glass package can be made of four panes
  • Three rows of sealing gaskets
  • From the outside, the frame and sash are covered with glass in one plane
  • Uw up to 1.0 W/m²K

Doleta Avangard is a window distinguished by exclusive design with aesthetics and minimalism. It is a wooden window that is completely covered with glass from the outside. Such a non-standard and unique window affects the optical and aesthetic appearance of the building. The minimalist-style Doleta Avangard windows feature a simple linear design, black glass reflections, and a play of light and shadow.

Natural, ecological materials are used in the production of Doleta Avangard windows: glass, wood, aluminum. Doleta Avangard wooden window, fully covered with glass from the outside, has excellent durability characteristics and the highest properties of heat and sound insulation, wind and water (impermeability). As the exterior of the windows is completely covered with glass, the problem of repainting a traditional wooden window is also solved. This window is unique in its appearance, as another additional aluminum frame is attached to the standard wooden window frame from the outside, which is covered with glass. This combination of materials evens out the glass planes of the product and distinguishes the window itself from the façade side only by dark glass strips. Additional window gaskets provide greater tightness and reduce sound permeability.

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