Doleta Line - flat windows in one plane with the wall


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Doleta Line - flat windows in one plane with the wall

Heat transfer coefficient



  • U Value – 0.8 W/m²K
  • Flush face outside and inside
  • Sharp anglular aluminium profile.
  • Possibility to install quadro glazed units
  • Three sealing gaskets
  • Concealed hinges

Doleta Line – windows of premium segment that are designed for luxurious, modern and exclusive buildings. These windows differ from ordinary windows in that the window frame and the opening part with glass are in the same plane both outside and inside. Due to this exclusive and non-standard construction, the window frame is much thicker than usual and, accordingly, the window is about 5 per cent warmer.

Doleta Line windows are unique in their appearance on the outside side, as neither wood nor the aluminum cover remains on the outside, which is characteristic of good wooden windows. In single-plane windows, aluminum on the outer frame can be replaced by glass, more precisely, the originally installed window glass package. No window hinges are visible in the interior as they are mounted inside the frames. Both Doleta Line window and door handles of this system can also be “hidden”. All these solutions provide modernity and exclusivity, merge harmoniously into architectural ideas.

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