Doleta ALU-10


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Doleta ALU-10

Heat transfer coefficient



  • Profiles in thickness of 98 mm
  • Units in thickness of 52 mm or 62 mm
  • Two lines of sealing gaskets
  • Various forms of internal decoration are possible
  • Aluminium of the colour you choose will not only be protection from the environmental impact, but also a design element
  • Uw up to 0.8 W/m²K

„Doleta Alu-10“ wooden windows make a perfect option for those who focus on the quality and future investments. The price of these type of windows is higher, however they make a good heating savings deal for the future. They are in compliance with the requirements for passive houses, boast longevity and easy and low-cost maintenance. Due to their thickness, sturdiness and flexibility in shapes, these facade windows can be suitable for churches, Russian Orthodox churches or any other spacious buildings that need big-sized windows with engravings or stained glass as decorations.

Wooden windows are produced using glued beams in thickness of 98 mm and are cladded with aluminium profile from the outside, which protects the wood from the possible harmful environmental effects as it is resistant to sun, rain and wind. Aluminum profiles have a slight gap from the wood, which prevents any damages to the wood and good ventilation, while the aluminum itself helps to maintain the longevity of a window. Aluminum protection from the outside will significantly ease the maintenance and repainting. Only ecological painting materials are used for aluminum, with a wide choice of colours and textures.

Thicker beam ensures higher thermal insulation, while thicker glass package offers better sound isolation and helps to increase the security level in the house or an apartment. The system allows for a double or even a triple glazing (in thickness of 52 mm or 62 mm). The window with the profile of this type of thickness enables installation of bullet-proof glass package, which can be used in combination with the specialized furniture, in this way resulting in the production of a bullet-proof window. Doleta Alu-10 window contains a thicker frame and is rather sturdy, however, it does not neccesarily follow standard characteristics of having quite a rough appearance. Various sets of furniture by different producers are available. An extensive range of decors, decorative elements (glass bars, edgings, millings, engravings) and decorative claddings will add up to the exceptional design and contemporary looks of safe and sturdy windows, allowing the customer to choose and create the style of windows that best meets their expectations, taste and needs. This will also ensure not only the best security but also the aesthetic look of the house, apartment or other premises.    

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