Doleta Retro 78


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Doleta Retro 78

Heat transfer coefficient



  • Profiles in thickness of 78 mm
  • Units in thickness from 28 to 52 mm
  • Three lines of sealing gaskets
  • Various forms of internal decoration are possible
  • Uw up to 0.9 W/m²K

Our "Doleta Retro 78", is our retro-style of window, the system of bespoke wooden windows that have proven a new standard for application in high-rise apartments and public buildings. The Retro 78 system, exceeds the criteria for the requirements of exceptional style, on both sides of the unit to the selected designs glazing. A distinctive style can be found for people who are seeking a retro type feature; the combination of style and luxurious antique aesthetics.
Key attributes to this system include the very high quality finish, excellent thermal and noise performance, exceptional durability, the uniqueness and exclusivity of form; creating an allusion of the past styles of windows, all at a competitively affordable and reasonable price.

The Doleta Retro 78 system features is 78 mm thick profile windows and is fabricated similarly to the Doleta IV78 system. The window units are formed of three layers of laminated veneer timber and custom made to allow different shapes being created and from various types of wood and to include different finishing, opening and security alternatives.

The system also allows for both sides of the glazing to receive beading, as opposed to standardised rebating; offering an exceptional aesthetic design element to each unit that can be applied and adapted to the respective styles of desired decoration systems suitable for the different forms of glazing. Our extensive range of colours will satisfy the most demanding tastes to enhance the aesthetics and vistas from your home; by creating a seamless retro style window set that will suit all types of larger scale buildings and developments.

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