Doleta Retro 98


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Doleta Retro 98

Heat transfer coefficient



  • Profiles in thickness of 98 mm
  • Units in thickness of 52 mm or 72 mm
  • Three lines of sealing gaskets
  • Various forms of internal decoration are possible
  • Uw up to 0.8 W/m²K

Our "Doleta 10" series does not only redefine the standards for apartments or other types of buildings, but also provides exceptional style requirements for reasonable cost and exceeds high quality ratio thresholds. By combining the "Doleta 10" system windows to both faces of the glazing to beautify all aspects of the design; we also offer a retro style of wooden windows with our "Doleta Retro 98" system, the enhancing of the Doleta 10 system beading creates the aesthetic appeal of the Doleta 98 Retro system.

The "Doleta Retro 98" comprises of 98mm thick profile windows with glazed units to both faces. As with the "Doleta 10" series of windows; the fabrication processes for these windows requires exceptional diligence and skill to provide our customers the excellent quality they are accustomed to; being characterised by our exceptional combination of strength, heat retention and sound insulative qualities available throughout our range of windows. These are further complimented with the pre existing benefits of our "Retro" range and are distinguished by their unique design.

The entire range of our "Doleta Retro 98" is available in many different forms and the types of wood available. Our extensive range of beading forms allow for the further adaptation and combination of decorative items, selection of desired colour schemes to achieve a seamless retro style; resulting in a delightful aesthetic appearance for both you and your guests.

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