Wooden windows with outward opening

Scandinavian functionality

Wooden windows opened outwards are now since long in Lithuania and they are typical to historical buildings. Therefore, such windows are chosen not only for modern buildings but also for renewed ancient buildings included in the lists of cultural heritage (in the latter case, they are even more popular); also, they are selected for new buildings that echo Lithuanian architectural heritage.

Short Description

  • Wooden windows that are opened outwards are produced from traditional wood of pine, oak and larch as well as exotic wood of eucalyptus, entandrophragmautile, shoreaassamica, tectona grandis, juglans, thermowood, wood of accoya and other types of woods.
  • Windows are produced from the high quality plywood and glazed with two-glass or three-glass packages.
  • Windows opened outwards can be painted with all colours of the RAL palette, coated with various transparent coatings and to merely highlight the natural wood texture.They can also be covered with gold, bronze, silver, glass and other materials.
  • Wooden windows can be of various sizes and forms and to be well aligned with various styles and any exterior.


What Are Characteristics of Wooden Windows Opened Outwards?

Wooden windows opened outwards are a perfect selection for conservative users that value the tradition. Most commonly these are rectangular windows with a glass package. The thickness of wood is minimised, and one-chamber or, in some cases,two-chamber glass packages are used. The opening outwards ensure that wind will not make the window panel open inwards, no objects will be caught and casual losses will be avoided. On the contrary, wind will help you to avoid such surprises because the window panel will be squeezed to the frame outside. The opening of the window outwards enables saved space inside. Windows opened outwards, among other things, do not spoil the curtains which makes them different from other windows which are opened and may catch not only objects places on the window sill but also curtains as a result of strong wind.

Although shapes of wooden windows opened outwards are not flamboyant, they can also serve as decorations of the apartment. The wide range of choices for the wood used for the production of wooden windows fir, pine, larch, oak, amer, Eucalyptus globulus and Eucalyptus grandis, meranti dark, sipomahagoni, ntandrophragmacylindricum, tectona grandis, Jatoba) and the broad interval of colours enable the freedom of choice, A wooden window is mostly distinguished by the fact that it is easily adapted to any interior and exterior. Wood is easily processed and painted. Thanks to modern technologies, the wood texture can be revealed, natural wood patterns can be highlighted or hidden, any shade or and colouring can be obtained and best non-standard solutions can be offered which will help you to create cosiness and warmth at home and will contribute to good home spirits.

Production of Windows Opened Outwards

Doleta UAB can be proud of its very modern production basis, modern technologies, newest equipment and high-quality specialists. All these aspects lead to out high-quality and modern solutions of wooden windows opened outwards.

As wooden windows opened outwards are becoming more and more important in Lithuania, we offer windows adapted to the climate of our country. They are produced only from high-quality wood and unique profiles, we pay considerable attention to details, we varnish wood four times and we carry out quality checks during each process.

Windows opened outwards can be produced with two rows of sealing gaskets. This creates the possibility for a window to be pressed against the jamb, and water leakages and air permeability are avoided; therefore the quality of windows is increased, and the insulation qualities of windows are improved. It is these aspects that have been considered to be shortages of wooden windows for a long time. Let us forget them.

Those in favour of minimalism and modernity can be offered wooden windows opened outwards whose jamb and window panel from the outside are in one plane. Those in favour of uniqueness will be offered windows whose wooden part is decorated both from the outside and from the inside.

When Can Windows Opened Outward Be Mounted?

Wooden windows opened outwards can be framed with aluminium from the outside which gives them durability. Due to their price, minimalism and quality ratio, such windows remain popular in not not only Scandinavia but also the markets of other countries. The number of clients who are interested in the price of wooden windows who choose them is increasing in Lithuania. We produce wooden windows for timber houses, saunas, balconies and garden houses non0standarad solutions are also possible.

For instance, 58 mm wooden windows opened outwards are a more optimum alternative for those looking or a more economical solution because a lower quantity of materials is used during their production as compared to the same window opened inwards.

Doleta Scandinavia

Doleta Scandinavia

Heat transfer coefficient



  • Frame thickness - 115 mm 
  • Sash thickness - 58/68 mm 
  • Glass panel thickness - 24/28/34/36/38 mm
  • Two lines of sealing gaskets
  • Original design external aluminium sill
  • Aluminum glazing strip from the outside on the entire perimeter
  • Flush face from the outside
  • Scandinavian type „Doleta Scandinavia” system windows and doors with outward opening
  • Uw up to 1.0 W/m²K
Doleta IV58

Doleta IV58

Heat transfer coefficient



  • Frame 78 mm thick profiles
  • Sash 58 mm thick profiles
  • Units inside the sash 24 mm thick
  • One sealing gasket
  • Sloping external aluminium sill of original design on the sash
  • External frame and sash in one plane
  • Uw up to 1.4 W/m²K
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