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Doleta Scandinavia

Heat transfer coefficient



  • Frame thickness - 115 mm 
  • Sash thickness - 58/68 mm 
  • Glass panel thickness - 24/34 mm
  • Two lines of sealing gaskets
  • Original design external aluminium sill
  • Aluminum glazing strip from the outside on the entire perimeter
  • Flush face from the outside
  • Scandinavian type „Doleta Scandinavia” system windows and doors with outward opening
  • Uw up to 1.0 W/m²K

Windows that open to the outside are popular in the Scandinavian and UK countries and are adapted to their weather conditions. Due to the high winds and heavy rainfall typical of these countries, the windows that open to the outside have two rows of sealing gaskets thus allowing the window to press tightly against the frame. In this way, water flow and air permeability are prevented. Opening the window to the outside guarantees that the sash of the window will not open inwards from the gust of wind and the window inside will not hit anything.

Doleta wooden windows that open to the outside are made only of the highest quality wood. Each customer can choose from many types of  wood to suit their needs. The wood is easy to process and paint, so the wooden windows can be painted in all colors of the  RAL color palette, as well as to cover them with various transparent coatings and thus highlight the natural texture of the wood. For those who want exclusive wooden windows, they can be covered with gold, bronze, silver, glass and other materials.

Doleta Scandinavia wooden windows have several opening options: side hung, side hung easy clean, top hung and top hung fully reversible. There is a possibility that the windows will flip over, which would allow you to clean the window without going outside.

The Doleta Scandinavia window frame is 115 mm thick and the sash can be optionally 58 mm or 68 mm. A thicker frame gives the window stability. For those who want exclusive windows, we offer windows with decorations that give subtlety and originality. The aluminum slope on the sash prevents moisture from accumulating and thus protects the wood, giving it durability.

The thermal conductivity coefficient Uw of Doleta Scandinavia system windows is up to 1.0 W/m²K. These windows are warm and practical due to the type of opening, contributing to the comfort of the environment. Opening the windows to the outside will save you internal space, which you can use more practically. This is the best price, quality and practicality ratio. Windows that open to the outside can be easily adapted to multi-purpose buildings and are durable and of the highest quality.

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