Wooden windows

Natural aesthetics and warmth

Today, people from our home country, Lithuania, have become overwhelmed with technology and the huge flow of information, and increasingly seek to get closer to nature. The advantages of customisable engineered timber window solutions are one of the most effective, and cheapest, ways to bring people to the naturalness of the everyday life into the home. After all, the ecology, aesthetics, beauty, warmth, luxury, simplicity, uniqueness and quality of our wooden windows; and the reasonable price of timber windows come together. All in one!

Our individually engineered timber windows comprise of three layers of laminated timber that enables the creation of exceptionally strong windows. The abundant choice of wood species addresses the wide variety of our customers' needs. For example, the advantages of our Pine windows selection throughout ones home enhances the ability to enjoy the aesthetic warmth, light and comfort provided for a reasonable price. Whereas, for those wishing the combination of luxury, exclusivity and exoticism; we are proud to recommend our bespoke range of "INDVIDUALI" timber solutions, comprising of Eucalyptus, Sapele Mahogany or another of our broad selection of exotic woods; that offer exceptional quality, appearance and competitive prices to that of wooden windows made from Meranti, Larch or Oak.

We have a selection of 11 types of wood for our clients to choose from, the range includes: Spruce, Pine, Larch, Oak (amber), Eucalyptus (Globulus or Grandis), Meranti, Sipo Mahogany, Sapele, Teak and Diamond Cherry (Jatoba).

Wood is an environmentally friendly raw material that is characterised by its strength and resistance to environmental factors, other advantages include the distinctive textures and the combination of good heat and sound insulation. For these reasons, wooden window systems effectively conserve heat, are durable and fit perfectly into a variety of interior styles and is complimented by flexible production. Wooden windows "breathe" and balance indoor moisture levels, they do not attract dust and do not create cold bridging whist remaining tightly sealed and also "live".

Wood is an easy material to be processed, wooden windows can be of various shapes to fit a variety of architectural and interior solutions that can be adapted to suit the individual flavour of the dwelling: Modern, Classical, Renaissance and so on.

We have established ourselves through our production of exceptionally high quality, traditional and non-traditional wooden window systems for many years; we understand the way that fashions change; however, the demand for high quality wooden window systems remains; our systems adapt to the trends, to the customer needs and to the architects' visions.

We found that wooden windows enables people to forget themselves and takes them to the retro style, due to the aging effects highlighting the texture of wood and its forms, decorative elements, carvings, colours and accessories; the diversity creates a special solid aura that always accompanies our products.

Our selection of window and door systems are not only visually appealing; but are also intricately designed to safeguard your home and enhance your security. The ability to design in and accommodate specialised window fittings, enhance glass packages and incorporate other details at the fabrication stage not only increases the level of protection offered against intruders, but also protects against noise.

Our selection of timber products can be customised into different shapes, colours, textures and even fragrances. Just choose the desired levels of completeness and breathability for your home comfort, warmth or to expose the uniqueness, elegance and modernity of your home through specialised quality; to match a price.

To compare the cost of our engineered wooden systems, contact us to discuss which systems can suit your requirements, which can be ordered directly or over the Internet and which systems suit your budget. Whatever the scale of your project, new build, refurbishment, garden house, a log cabin, sauna or balcony, our consultants can help you find the solutions that are best suited for you. Please feel free to contact us; we are window and door manufacturing experts, who will advise you and help you to choose the best option for your home.


• Windows and door fabrication utilising three stage engineered wood;
• An exceptional range of wood species;
• Individual wooden windows are manufactured according to customer needs and specifications;
• Wooden windows can be formed to match any shapes to fit diverse architectural and interior design solutions;
• Specialised hardware that enhances security and protects against theft;
• Systems designed to incorporate quality sound-insulating packages that perfectly suppress the intrusion of noise and prevent it from penetrating into the property;
• All our windows offer an excellent price / performance ratio;

Basic Wood Characteristics

It is not enough to note that wood is a natural and ecological material. As far as architectural structural solutions are concerned, wood is one of the most suitable materials. First of all, this is related with its firmness, resistance, good sound and heat insulation and electrostatic qualities, ability to maintain a natural moisture balance indoors and air circulation. Also, this is determined by its specific texture, odour and broad processing opportunities (in terms of shape, size and colour). Finally, wood is a renewable natural resource, and old wooden windows can be processed and used and used for the second time. Both technical and design characteristics are appreciated by architects and designers as well as our clients who are already enjoying individual wooden window solutions.

Wood is suitable for any interior/exterior; one has to merely select the most suitable type of wood and methods of processing. The aim of Doleta UAB is to prevent you from unsound decisions.

Benefits of Wooden Windows

Wooden windows can be characterised by all the above-mentioned qualities of wood, namely: they are ecological, firm, resistant to mechanical damage and temperature changes, specific texture, good sound and heat insulation. However, the production of wooden windows is very advanced today wooden windows can have various shapes, colours, texture and even odour. Some unique characteristics also depend on wood from which windows are produced.

Wood of pine, oak and larch is more familiar to us and it is very popular in architecture and in window production. Wood of pine is characterised by firmness and resistance to bending; however, it can be easily cut and otherwise processed. Wood of oak s firm, heavy and resistant to moisture and rotting. It is very suitable for products which have contact with water because it is resistant to moisture, Wood of larch is very resistant and long-lived. Colour and structure of larch is, among other things, very distinguished as compared with other types of wood.

However, Doleta UAB can also offer exclusive windows made of exotic wood from South America, Africa and Asia, namely eucalyptus, entandrophragmautile, entandrophragmacylindricum, shoreaassamica, tectona grandis, juglans and other rare wood characterised by exceptional qualities. We also use thermowood and wood of accoya for production which has no equivalents in world due to its exclusive qualities (for more information please visit https://www.accoya.com).

Our specialists will advise you on on which type of wood to choose for particular structural solutions.

Production of Wooden Windows

As wooden windows are made from three layered plywood, they are firm, saving heat and long-term, so they are suitable for any interior / exterior.

Only best two-chamber or three-chamber glass packages, fittings and other elements available in the market are used for the production. This entirety ensures safety. We also protect you from not only breaks-in, but also noise because wood is notable for good sound-insulating qualities, and we use sound-insulating glass packages. All these aspects ensure your comfort at home even at the city centre in terms of cosiness, good rest and perfect sleep quality.

Our professional designers will design single, double, European, English or Scandinavian wooden windows according to your needs and opportunities depending upon the type of building and other characteristics. We can offer solutions for both modern and classical interior/exterior. For instance, ancient-type wooden windows are irreplaceable in security zones when creating a homestead or traditional interior.

Wooden windows can be opened inwards or outwards. For instance, wooden windows opened outwards are very popular in Scandinavia; however, they are becoming more and more popular in other countries, including Lithuania.

Design of Wooden Windows

One should not forget design solutions because they are of no less importance than technical characteristics. As wood enables the implementation of various design solutions, it is loved by architects and designers. Wooden windows can be of various shapes and sizes, and they can be covered in various methods.

Doleta UAB pays considerable attention and makes numerous investments in new equipment and modern technologies. Wooden windows are painted in a robotised window colouring line. A wide range of colours and colouring technologies makes us distinguished in the context of other wooden window producers.

In addition to the fact that wooden windows can be painted with all colours of the RAL palette, they can also be covered with transparent coatings which do not hide the unique wood texture and give the shade to the window frame. We can reveal the wood texture, to highlight or hide natural wood patterns and to obtain any shade or colouring. This windows will become the exclusivity and uniqueness of your home which will be noticed by everywhere and will leave no doubts.

If you are dreaming about unique solution such as wooden windows decorated with gold, glass, copper and platinum, we are ready to make your dreams come true. Moreover, in case there is a need, we can decorate wooden windows with handmade carvings.

How to Choose Wooden Windows?

As the range of wooden windows is very diverse, people are often lost among the numerous choices. It is difficult for them to decide which type of wood to choose, how to cover it, which colour and shape to select. There can be many criteria for the selection; however, the price of wooden windows should not be the essential and decisive criterion.

As more and more people understand that individual wooden windows is a sign of stylish luxury which improves the quality of life, the number of questions about the price of wooden windows is gradually decreasing. The most important part is technical characteristics and appearance of windows rather than their price.

It is very important for all those choosing wooden windows to align the colour of windows with other elements of interior / exterior. Wooden windows can be aligned with pieces of furniture, flooring, doors etc. Therefore, specialists of Doleta UAB are always ready to produce several examples of colours according to the example of colour submitted from which the customer can choose the one which suits him best. It does not matter whether it is a piece of parquet, laminate, a door detail etc.

We always recommend that one should assess his needs and possibilities and approach our professional team of designers which will propose you individual solutions having taken all aspects into consideration. Having analysed your needs and possibilities, qualified specialists will advise you on how to improve comfort or exclusivity and will select heat, sound insulation and safety parameters on the basis of their long-standing experience and finally they will propose how to increase the longevity of windows and where it is possible to save costs.

We also cooperate with an institute of Kaunas University of Technology and carry out various kinds of laboratory research with them as well as calculations as we calculate the thermal resistance of products and provide isothermal graphs of nodes. We can also make visualisations of windows which will help you to choose the best alternative.

If you are interested with wooden windows produced by Doleta UAB, we kindly invite you to visit our company and to get acquainted with the newest technologies, equipment, materials and, most importantly, specialists. In case you have the possibility, you are invited to see our projects implemented even outside Lithuania, i.e. In the West or in the East. We believe that, after seeing our projects and getting acquainted with them, we will undoubtedly choose our wooden windows for your home.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Doleta UAB pays much attention on quality, continuous improvement and professionalism. Even the most complex individual structural solution is a challenge for us which we are willing to accept. First of all, we want out clients to enjoy their home and, secondly, because we as a company learn a lot from every project implemented.
It is not by chance that we are valued not only in Lithuania but also outside it, and we have received numerous significant awards and recognitions. All these aspects make us put even more effort.

The most important thing is that we pay attention to not only the quality of materials and equipment but also the quality of communication and team work. Our employees share similar philosophical views which are based on the respect to client, the eagerness to learn, to listen to customer preferences and to solve problems that occur. Therefore, we understand that our team is a value which we are proud of.
We became the first window producer in the Baltic States to have received a certificate of a German Institute confirming the PassiveHouse quality of wooden window system for private houses in 2007.

Doleta 78

Doleta 78

Heat transfer coefficient



  • Profiles in thickness of 78 mm
  • Units in thickness from 28 to 44 mm
  • Two lines of sealing gaskets
  • Sloping external aluminium sill of original design both on the sash and on the frame
  • Uw up to 0.9 W/m²K
Doleta 10

Doleta 10

Heat transfer coefficient



  • Profiles in thickness of 98 mm
  • Units in thickness of 52 mm or 62 mm
  • Two lines of sealing gaskets
  • Possibility of choosing higher safety class by installing additional protections
  • Sloping external aluminium sill of original design both on the sash and on the frame
  • Uw up to 0.8 W/m²K


Heat transfer coefficient



  • English-SASH-type windows
  • Frame - 155 mm thick profiles
  • Sash - 50 mm thick profiles
  • Units inside sash - 24 mm thick
  • Two lines of sealing gaskets
  • Available with spring or lead weights
  • Uw up to 1.6 W/m²K
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