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Doleta 10

Heat transfer coefficient



  • Profiles in thickness of 98 mm
  • Units in thickness of 52 mm or 62 mm
  • Two lines of sealing gaskets
  • Possibility of choosing higher safety class by installing additional protections
  • Sloping external aluminium sill of original design both on the sash and on the frame
  • Uw up to 0.8 W/m²K

Our "Doleta 10" system is made of 98 mm thick laminate coated beams that can be glazed as standard two layer or enhanced to triple layer glazing (52 mm or 62 mm thick).

In Europe the most common windows use 78 mm beams, however, using an additional 20 mm in the beams of the window offers new opportunities and valuable advantages that include:
• higher heat resistances;
• the possibility to use a thicker glass unit (for windows to better isolate against noise);
• bullet-proofed glazed units that are finished with specialised fittings to complete the penetration resistance of the window.

The enhancements offered by a special security window does restrict the quality of the finished product to a drab standard. Finishing of the units can offer great decorative and figurative elements (ranging from glazing, edging, milling, engravings); with decorative hardware being able to provide a safe, strong unit combining beauty, modernity, with our diverse range of styles including the popular Baroque or Renaissance being available within this range. Clients can easily select a product that compliments their property according to their needs, tastes, expectations and budget.

Our extensive range of 98 mm windows can take many forms whilst perfectly retaining stability, thermal properties and sound reduction. The beam thickness makes this form of window extremely robust whilst retaining our exceptional quality. Large format glazing enhances the interior and allows for exclusive nature with the interior exposed. Large formats allow you to experience the environment, gain greater quantities of light throughout the property whilst, at the same time, not to losing heat or increasing heating bills.

The 98mm wooden windows are renowned for their strength; the thicker profile is available in all forms and can be embellished with carvings or stained glass, making the 98mm option perfectly suitable for properties with large window openings, such as churches, sports halls, venues, shops and other similar buildings; including even the installation to the passive type of property.

The exceptional quality and time-tested durability of this product has led to many customers recognising and realising the significant reductions in heating costs and enhancement of property value offered.

Whilst this type of system does cost slightly more; the value and return on investment represented by both present and future gains offered to the "Doleta 10" 98mm solution; is exceptional; and has been substantiated by the large number of customer compliments we have received; and that are accompanied by the many recommendations by word of mouth.

The uniqueness of this system; its features and the level of designability, allows these windows to be configured with different manufacturers fittings; offering different levels of security depending on the wishes and needs of the client.

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