Doleta 10 Thermo


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Doleta 10 Thermo

Heat transfer coefficient



  • Profiles in thickness of 98 mm
  • Units in thickness of 52 mm or 62 mm
  • Two lines of sealing gaskets
  • Sloping external aluminium sill of original design both on the sash and on the frame
  • Insulation material inside frame
  • Uw up to 0.8 W/m²K

The "Doleta 10 Thermo" windows system retains all the Doleta 10 wooden windows technical characteristics and advantages identified earlier and are also made from 98 mm thick laminated beams; yet have an additional specialised lining frame that ensures improved insulative and heat resistance qualities.
Assessments undertaken in 2012 by the KTU (Composite and Finish Material Laboratories of The Institute of Architecture and Construction of KTU) laboratory to analyse the "Doleta 10 Thermo" windows thermal performance testing also yielded excellent results. These tests revealed a coefficient of thermal conductivity of lower than 0.8W/m2K that allows the window to be attributed to the passive warm criterion. Test results conducted on the standard screen (1230x1480mm) with thermo insulated frame systems provided a heat transfer coefficient Uw=0.79W/m2K; and tests conducted on the glass revealed the heat transfer coefficient to be Ug=0.62W/m2K.

The test results give credence to the quality and durability of the windows; highlighting the products value as an investment for the future; but also enhancing the levels of comfort through the saving of heat and expense. This type of window system is ideal for all who like to live in a warm cosy environment, regardless of the weather or being located in an apartment or house, offering little price differentiation when compared to other wooden windows.


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