Exterior doors that open outwards

Doors that open outwards are especially popular in small spaces: interior space is saved when doors open outwards. These doors are easily adaptable to both - home exterior and interior.  Doors that open outwards is probably the most popular choice.


Short description

  • At your request, such doors may be wooden, with glass pack, with stained glass, aluminium plated, with various decorations or with no decorations at all. 
  • When doors open outwards, in case of strong rain, water is prevented from entering the house.
  • Such doors perfectly hold warmth, they do not conduct cold, they are strong and easy to control.


The most important feature of exterior doors is good and easy operation, as well as thought-through functionality. Our exterior doors that open outwards, save space inside. They are safer because it is more difficult to break open the doors that open outwards. Besides, when exterior doors open outwards, in case of strong rain, water is prevented from entering inside. Even when not fully closed, doors that open outwards will not be opened up by drafts. Wind will only press and close them. 

Exterior doors are usually matched to windows and the exterior of the house, however, it can be an exclusive, distinct house element that decorates, protects and distinguishes the building from others. Exterior doors that open outwards may be wooden, with glass pack, with stained glass, blind, aluminium plated from outside, decorated, etc. Wood provides the exterior doors with cosiness and exceptional design, thus wooden doors that open outwards are eco-friendly, aesthetic, beautiful, warm, luxurious, cosy, exceptional, of high quality and well priced.

Because of its natural features, wood is easily processed. At the time of the manufacturing process various shape may be obtained. Wooden exterior doors that open outwards may also be of various shapes and match various styles: modern, renaissance, etc. You only need to choose wood that you like most from traditional and exotic options that we offer, to properly process it and enjoy unique exterior doors. We paint doors in all colours of the RAL colour palette, and coat it in transparent coating. Doors can also be covered in gold, bronze, silver and other materials.

Exterior doors that open outwards may be locked using a key, a remote control or a fingerprint scanner. Locks of exterior doors may be locked in one, three or even five points. We also assemble wooden, aluminium or low doorsteps. The wooden one holds heat perfectly, the aluminium one is really strong, while a low doorstep suits perfectly to elderly people and clients with disabilities.

Depending on client’s wishes, vision and other ideas, high quality exterior doors will hospitably greet you and let you in, will protect your home from strange and unwelcome people, and maybe even become an original piece of art.

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