Exterior doors that open inwards

Exterior doors are like a face of the house, that is seen from afar by arriving guests or passers-by. However they not only have to meet standards of beauty, they also need to reliably serve its owner. All these requirements are met by exterior doors that open inwards.


Short description

  • It is suggested to choose exterior doors that open inwards in apartment buildings, where, usually, lots of stairs are narrow and tight.
  • As the exterior doors are not only a necessary part of the exterior, but it also contributes to home safety, it is very important to choose high quality and durable doors.
  • Only high quality materials are used for manufacturing exterior doors, while the choice of designs will surely surprise even the most demanding client. 


The most important feature of exterior doors is easy operation. Exterior doors that open inwards are very convenient for people with impaired mobility, because they can be approached very close and no additional manoeuvres are needed. Doors are simply pushed and one can get inside the building without big effort. Exterior doors that open inwards may also be with a low doorstep, a wooden doorstep or an aluminium thermo-doorstep. However, it is also worth choosing the doors that open inwards in other cases: when the lot of stairs is especially narrow and it is not comfortable or safe to open it outwards.

Exterior doors are usually matched to windows and the exterior of the house, however, it can be an exclusive, distinct house element that decorates, protects and distinguishes the building from the surrounding ones.

Exterior doors that open inwards may be wooden, with glass pack, with stained glass, blind, aluminium plated from outside, decorated, etc. They are controlled using a key, a remote control or a even fingerprint scanner. Locks of exterior doors may be locked in one, three or even five points.

Because of its natural features, wood is easily processed. When manufacturing, various shape may be obtained. Wooden exterior doors that open inwards may also be of various shapes and match various styles: modern, renaissance, etc. The synthesis of wood and glass helps create a solid, complementary element of the building of exclusive design. We only use highest quality traditional or exotic wood and two or three camera glass packs.

Depending on client’s wishes, vision and other ideas, high quality exterior doors will hospitably greet you and let you in, will protect your home from strange and unwelcome people, and maybe even become an eye catching piece of art. You can accomplish your wishes for a good price.

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