Exterior doors with glass

Exterior doors are an inherent part of every home, which must serve long and function according to its purpose. They must be safe, robust and warm. However, exterior doors not only have to protect the house from cold and break-in, but also to represent the building and provide it with uniqueness and originality. Because the exterior doors are especially important in many aspects, they need to be properly disassembled as well.


Short description

  • Low quality exterior doors are the joy and easy prey to thieves, because access through doors inside the home or an apartment does not require neither preparation, nor much time.
  • Exterior doors with glass perform a protective, as well as a representative function. They look nice, they are durable and sturdy.
  • Such doors perfectly suit both - a log house and a modern building. 
  • In order to protect your property and even life, glazed exterior doors may be locked not only using a key, but also various other means.


Exterior doors are the most intensively used constructional element of the building, thus it is very important to choose high quality and long lasting exterior doors. It is also important that controlling the doors is good and easy, because it is the most important purpose of the exterior doors. However design and aesthetics is just as important. Exterior doors with glass meet all these criteria. 

Exterior door frame made of wood or coated in aluminium from outside, made of high quality glued wood, is glazed using one or two camera glass pack. Wood ensured eco-friendliness, aesthetics, attractiveness and good insulation of the exterior doors. High quality wood of various types is used in manufacture (pine, fir, oak, eucalyptus, meranti dark, sipo mahagoni, sapwood, teak, meranti, larch, yatoba, etc.). If needed, wood texture can be highlighted to reveal its natural beauty.

Glass pack will enrich the doors with originality, beauty and elegance. It can turn the exterior doors into a real work of art. Decorative glass, stained glass, mirror glass, toned, safe and other types of glass. Glass packs may be of various shapes and various decorative details can be glued on top, providing uniqueness to the exterior doors. The colour scale of both - wood and aluminium - is very wide.

Depending on the need and design, handles, hinges and other decorative details of various shapes and colours may be chosen. Exterior doors with glass may be locked using a handle, a key, a remote control or a even fingerprint scanner. We can close them in one, three or even five points.

Exterior doors with glass may be single hinged or double doors that open inwards and outwards. Exterior doors with glass may be assembled with fittings of various manufacturers and adapted according to your individual needs and possibilities.

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