Color samples according to the ral Classic* color palette

UAB “Doleta” uses the most modern equipment and technologies, therefore windows and other products can be painted in all colors of the RAL color palette.

RAL is a color standard created in Germany in 1925, which is widely used when choosing paint colors for painting various surfaces. It is a versatile and widely used color palette throughout Europe and beyond.

This palette makes it easier to choose the desired color that would suit both the interior and the exterior.
It is important to know that the color rendering of the RAL palette depends on the settings of your monitor, so the original paint color may differ from the shades provided in the publication.

The color rendering of the RAL palette depends on the settings of your monitor, so the original color of the paint may differ from the color samples provided in the publication.


RAL-1000 RAL-1000
RAL-1001 RAL-1001
RAL-1002 RAL-1002
RAL-1003 RAL-1003
RAL-1004 RAL-1004
RAL-1005 RAL-1005
RAL-1006 RAL-1006
RAL-1007 RAL-1007
RAL-1011 RAL-1011
RAL-1012 RAL-1012
RAL-1013 RAL-1013
RAL-1014 RAL-1014
RAL-1015 RAL-1015
RAL-1016 RAL-1016
RAL-1017 RAL-1017
RAL-1018 RAL-1018
RAL-1019 RAL-1019
RAL-1020 RAL-1020
RAL-1021 RAL-1021
RAL-1023 RAL-1023
RAL-1024 RAL-1024
RAL-1026 RAL-1026
RAL-1027 RAL-1027
RAL-1028 RAL-1028
RAL-1032 RAL-1032
RAL-1033 RAL-1033
RAL-1034 RAL-1034
RAL-1035 RAL-1035
RAL-1036 RAL-1036
RAL-1037 RAL-1037
RAL-2000 RAL-2000
RAL-2001 RAL-2001
RAL-2002 RAL-2002
RAL-2003 RAL-2003
RAL-2004 RAL-2004
RAL-2005 RAL-2005
RAL-2007 RAL-2007
RAL-2008 RAL-2008
RAL-2009 RAL-2009
RAL-2010 RAL-2010
RAL-2011 RAL-2011
RAL-2012 RAL-2012
RAL-2013 RAL-2013
RAL-3000 RAL-3000
RAL-3001 RAL-3001
RAL-3002 RAL-3002
RAL-3003 RAL-3003
RAL-3004 RAL-3004
RAL-3005 RAL-3005
RAL-3007 RAL-3007
RAL-3009 RAL-3009
RAL-3011 RAL-3011
RAL-3012 RAL-3012
RAL-3013 RAL-3013
RAL-3014 RAL-3014
RAL-3015 RAL-3015
RAL-3016 RAL-3016
RAL-3017 RAL-3017
RAL-3018 RAL-3018
RAL-3020 RAL-3020
RAL-3022 RAL-3022
RAL-3024 RAL-3024
RAL-3026 RAL-3026
RAL-3027 RAL-3027
RAL-3028 RAL-3028
RAL-3031 RAL-3031
RAL-3032 RAL-3032
RAL-3033 RAL-3033
RAL-4001 RAL-4001
RAL-4002 RAL-4002
RAL-4003 RAL-4003
RAL-4004 RAL-4004
RAL-4005 RAL-4005
RAL-4006 RAL-4006
RAL-4007 RAL-4007
RAL-4008 RAL-4008
RAL-4009 RAL-4009
RAL-4010 RAL-4010
RAL-4011 RAL-4011
RAL-4012 RAL-4012
RAL-5000 RAL-5000
RAL-5001 RAL-5001
RAL-5002 RAL-5002
RAL-5003 RAL-5003
RAL-5004 RAL-5004
RAL-5005 RAL-5005
RAL-5007 RAL-5007
RAL-5008 RAL-5008
RAL-5009 RAL-5009
RAL-5010 RAL-5010
RAL-5011 RAL-5011
RAL-5012 RAL-5012
RAL-5013 RAL-5013
RAL-5014 RAL-5014
RAL-5015 RAL-5015
RAL-5017 RAL-5017
RAL-5018 RAL-5018
RAL-5019 RAL-5019
RAL-5020 RAL-5020
RAL-5021 RAL-5021
RAL-5022 RAL-5022
RAL-5023 RAL-5023
RAL-5024 RAL-5024
RAL-5025 RAL-5025
RAL-5026 RAL-5026
RAL-6000 RAL-6000
RAL-6001 RAL-6001
RAL-6002 RAL-6002
RAL-6003 RAL-6003
RAL-6004 RAL-6004
RAL-6005 RAL-6005
RAL-6006 RAL-6006
RAL-6007 RAL-6007
RAL-6008 RAL-6008
RAL-6009 RAL-6009
RAL-6010 RAL-6010
RAL-6011 RAL-6011
RAL-6012 RAL-6012
RAL-6013 RAL-6013
RAL-6014 RAL-6014
RAL-6015 RAL-6015
RAL-6016 RAL-6016
RAL-6017 RAL-6017
RAL-6018 RAL-6018
RAL-6019 RAL-6019
RAL-6020 RAL-6020
RAL-6021 RAL-6021
RAL-6022 RAL-6022
RAL-6024 RAL-6024
RAL-6025 RAL-6025
RAL-6026 RAL-6026
RAL-6027 RAL-6027
RAL-6028 RAL-6028
RAL-6029 RAL-6029
RAL-6032 RAL-6032
RAL-6033 RAL-6033
RAL-6034 RAL-6034
RAL-6035 RAL-6035
RAL-6036 RAL-6036
RAL-6037 RAL-6037
RAL-6038 RAL-6038
RAL-7000 RAL-7000
RAL-7001 RAL-7001
RAL-7002 RAL-7002
RAL-7003 RAL-7003
RAL-7004 RAL-7004
RAL-7005 RAL-7005
RAL-7006 RAL-7006
RAL-7008 RAL-7008
RAL-7009 RAL-7009
RAL-7010 RAL-7010
RAL-7011 RAL-7011
RAL-7012 RAL-7012
RAL-7013 RAL-7013
RAL-7015 RAL-7015
RAL-7016 RAL-7016
RAL-7021 RAL-7021
RAL-7022 RAL-7022
RAL-7023 RAL-7023
RAL-7024 RAL-7024
RAL-7026 RAL-7026
RAL-7030 RAL-7030
RAL-7031 RAL-7031
RAL-7033 RAL-7033
RAL-7034 RAL-7034
RAL-7035 RAL-7035
RAL-7036 RAL-7036
RAL-7037 RAL-7037
RAL-7038 RAL-7038
RAL-7039 RAL-7039
RAL-7040 RAL-7040
RAL-7042 RAL-7042
RAL-7043 RAL-7043
RAL-7044 RAL-7044
RAL-7045 RAL-7045
RAL-7046 RAL-7046
RAL-7047 RAL-7047
RAL-7048 RAL-7048
RAL-8000 RAL-8000
RAL-8001 RAL-8001
RAL-8002 RAL-8002
RAL-8003 RAL-8003
RAL-8004 RAL-8004
RAL-8007 RAL-8007
RAL-8008 RAL-8008
RAL-8011 RAL-8011
RAL-8012 RAL-8012
RAL-8014 RAL-8014
RAL-8015 RAL-8015
RAL-8016 RAL-8016
RAL-8017 RAL-8017
RAL-8019 RAL-8019
RAL-8022 RAL-8022
RAL-8023 RAL-8023
RAL-8024 RAL-8024
RAL-8025 RAL-8025
RAL-8028 RAL-8028
RAL-8029 RAL-8029
RAL-9001 RAL-9001
RAL-9002 RAL-9002
RAL-9003 RAL-9003
RAL-9004 RAL-9004
RAL-9005 RAL-9005
RAL-9006 RAL-9006
RAL-9007 RAL-9007
RAL-9010 RAL-9010
RAL-9011 RAL-9011
RAL-9016 RAL-9016
RAL-9017 RAL-9017
RAL-9018 RAL-9018
RAL-9022 RAL-9022
RAL-9023 RAL-9023
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