Panel exterior doors

Panel doors are a guarantee of increased shock resistance and mechanical damage. Such doors are usually used in offices, hotels, hospitals, schools or kindergartens, as well as second doors of the stairway. Properly selected and manufactured doors will not only decorate your home, but will also ensure safety and sound insulation at home. Panel doors are made of a wooden doorpost and a wooden panel frame, filled with wooden glued panel or special filler.


Short description

Benefits of panel exterior doors:

  • Robust and stable.
  • Great sound and heat insulation.
  • Anti-theft protection.


Panel doors are safe, warm and have an exclusive design, thus people choose panel exterior doors more often. 

Panel is used for the door panel, while the frame is made of glued wood. Pine, oak or meranti wood may be used for manufacturing panel exterior doors. They can be decorated in various carvings, chosen shapes, colours and safety glass pack may be built-in to the panel. Like some wood products, panel exterior doors are painted in various colours, providing them with uniqueness and colour according to your taste and needs.

Panel exterior doors are made of panel that may be 78 mm, 90 mm or 100 mm thick. They may be assembled with fittings of various manufacturers, thus obtaining the required functionality and effect. Panels of exterior doors can be especially safe and even fire-proof.

Panel exterior doors are controlled using a handle, a key, a remote control or a even fingerprint scanner. They open either inwards or outwards. When choosing a wooden doorstep, tightness and thermal properties of the doors increase. The doorstep can be made of aluminium, it ensures tightness, does not reduce thermal properties and does not wear fast. A low doorstep can also be installed, which will allow to comfortably enter the building to disabled of elderly people. Depending on the need, possibilities and design, handles, hinges or other decorative parts of various shapes and colours may be chosen. However we ensure that whatever you choose, all of them will be of high quality, sturdy and safe.

Special properties of the panel and high quality construction of panel doors allows to enjoy the exterior doors even in case of adverse weather conditions. They are not impacted by the temperature difference outside and inside, and even in case of considerable fluctuations in temperature and humidity, the doors will remain stable, functional and appealing. We offer a good quality and price ratio.

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