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  • English-SASH-type windows
  • Frame - 155 mm thick profiles
  • Sash - 50 mm thick profiles
  • Units inside sash - 24 mm thick
  • Two lines of sealing gaskets
  • Available with spring or lead weights
  • Uw up to 1.6 W/m²K

Historically, a very popular style during Victorian times the "Sash" type wooden window has remained a popular design style of window system that is still extremely popular in England and the continental United States.

"Sash" type windows are more commonly of rectangular form and found in older and historical types of building, and frequently in warmer climates. These windows revisit the past but, can be perfectly adapted to any modern style of construction, or to achieve an architectural vision. Sash windows can merge the range of colours and vivid decorative elements offering a distinct homely style.

Advantages to the "Sash" type of windows include the naturally designed in ability to reduce drafts throughout a property that ordinarily results from the "scooping" effect produced by outward opening windows; the reduction of wind slam and rattle or any hindrance caused by opening resistance in stronger winds; the eradication of the need to provide additional space internally or externally; all whilst providing excellent conditions for natural ventilation and air circulation.

Key features of our range of "Sash" windows include:
• Production from either Pine or Oak
• 24mm glazing units
• two independent vertical sashes,
• The upper sash can be fixed
• Availability is as counterweighted (only sash slides) or as spring loaded windows.

For an exclusive selection of modern high-quality, eye catching, reassuring windows; designed to be suitable for all for modern, traditional, heritage or architectural properties; the smart choice available at an affordable and reasonable cost.

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